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The Spiritual Meaning Of 11/11 Really Does Signify Good Luck

Make a wish.

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Whether you’ve blown out birthday candles with a wish in mind, or crossed your fingers in hopes that good luck will come your way, you’ve actively participated in some of the mystical vibes that the universe has to offer. One of the most common forms of magic is regularly found in numbers — particularly in repeating sequences; you might refer to them as angel numbers. That means that making a wish when the clock strikes 11:11 isn’t simply based on a myth, there’s actually an auspicious story behind it. So you can bet that November 11 (aka 11/11) has a significant spiritual meaning.

Numbers are said to carry unique and powerful vibrations. For example, the number 11 is a popular phenomenon in numerology. 11 is considered to be a master number, and crossing paths with it can be a strong indicator that your guides have a powerful message they’re trying to send your way. Since the number 11 has many meaningful significations, Nov. 11 is considered to be a day that serves as a portal opener for good fortune. The spiritual meaning of 11/11 is all about setting intentions, so don’t be afraid to make a wish.

While setting intentions is something you can do any day of the year, Nov. 11 is the one day that allows you to take advantage of this master number’s energy for a full 24 hours. Instead of rushing to make your wishes as you briefly come across these digits on a clock or license plate, you’ll have the entire day to clear your mind and align with the growth, intuition, and alignment of 11/11.

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How To Manifest & Use The Magic Of 11/11

Nov. 11 is the perfect day to clear your head, connect with your higher self, and set powerful intentions. In order to clearly envision whatever you’re seeking to bring forth in your life, you can use guided meditation or a sound bath to help you prepare. Once your head is clear, journaling or speaking your intentions out loud is a great way to bring them into fruition. Writing is a very powerful tool when it comes to manifestation, and many have found success using the TikTok viral 369 method to make their dreams a reality. In order to take part in this practice, all you have to do is write out your intentions three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times in the evening. The trick is to write out what you’re seeking to attract as if you already have what you want, essentially utilizing the law of attraction. Just be sure that you’re actually prepared to receive what you’re asking for, because manifesting something when you’re not in the place to fully embrace it can be tricky.

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For my astrology lovers out there, Nov. 11 falls on a Friday this year, which is ruled by Venus, the planet of connection, socialization, and resources. Setting intentions around love, balance, and harmony could be a great way to fuse numerology and astrology to make the most out of this energy. Remember, everything’s connected.