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If You Notice The Same Number Everywhere, It Could Have A Hidden Meaning

2:22 on 2/22/22 is going to be next level.

by Rosey Baker
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Have you ever woken up at exactly 11:11 a.m., checked your phone to see 111 unread emails, then walked outside to see a car with a license plate that included the number 1111? It can be eerie, but it can also be so much more than a coincidence. If you keep seeing the same numbers everywhere, you may actually be receiving hidden message from above — possibly from angels.

What Is An Angel Number?

According to numerology and psychic schools of thought, spirit guides (aka angels) may reach out to us through repeating number sequences, trying to relay messages. These divine signs are known as angel numbers.

While the numbers below are listed in sequences of three, you can classify number sequences in terms of strength. Double-digit numbers such as 11, 22, and 33 are considered to be master numbers in numerology. According to, the profound energies of the master numbers “represent the three phases of creation: envisioning, building, and sharing. 11 is the visionary, 22 is the architect, and 33 delivers it to the world.”

As more numbers are added on to the sequence (i.e. 111, 222, 333), the message for you becomes more powerful. Below, you can find out the significance of repeating numbers to find out what your spirit guides are trying to tell you.

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000 Angel Number Meaning

0 is a circle, which is endless and infinite. It signifies that you are limitless, and that you are about to embark on a brand new beginning. If you see these numbers in the middle of a horrible day, it's a reminder that you can start your day over at any point. The sequence 000 represents the thoughts that come before you take your first steps, so make sure your thoughts are courageous and exciting.

111 Angel Number Meaning

Repeating numbers 111 mean that your thoughts create your reality, and are manifesting in form presently. It is a message to focus on positive thoughts, feelings, and emotions, as you are instantaneously creating the world you live in. The sequence 111 represents the first steps you take to create this reality, and the things you are doing to support yourself on your path to self-actualization.

222 Angel Number Meaning

Seeing 222 everywhere is a reminder that you are exactly where you're supposed to be, and that everything is working out as it should. Even though you may not be pleased with your situation in life, your frustration is leading you toward something better.

If you happen to see 2:22 on 2/22/22, then consider yourself lucky.

333 Angel Number Meaning

No matter what you are doing in life, you have the support and protection of those who have passed on and ascended to the next realm. Alternatively, 333 is a symbol of the support of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, or of other spiritual teachers that guide us from the spirit world.

444 Angel Number Meaning

This number is a reminder for those who see it to continue to work hard and pursue what it is they truly want. The numbers 444 are a symbol of inner wisdom, the wisdom of the heart. If you have made a decision to follow your heart and are feeling doubts about what you're doing with your life, seeing this number serves as a reminder to keep going.

555 Angel Number Meaning

A change is either underway now, or is soon to come to you. It's important for you to stay grounded without digging in your heels. Be positive in order to welcome this new wave of energy. Think of it as a roller coaster — once you're on, the only thing to do is to throw your arms in the air, scream, and take pictures.

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666 Angel Number Meaning

While there is a lot of misunderstanding surrounding the number 666, it's actually a very helpful sequence. The 666 sequence is like a gentle nudge reminding us to put our moral and spiritual values before our material ones. If you are seeing this number, pay attention to your thoughts. Are they really aligned with what you know to be absolutely true? If not, pause and reassess.

777 Angel Number Meaning

777 is a vibrational hug from the universe, or a reminder to let go and stop trying to control everything in life. There are some questions we have that cannot be answered today, so in the meantime, we must learn to live in the question, and to believe that we are being supported along the way. You are on the right path.

888 Angel Number Meaning

888 is a sign that you are vibrating at such a high level spiritually, you are drawing material resources toward you, either in the form of money or opportunities to make it. The 888 sequence is a number that symbolizes you can have whatever you want if you are living in a way that supports your feelings of excitement and joy. The more joyful your vibration, the more abundant your bank account.

999 Angel Number Meaning

Seeing the numbers 999 signifies that a chapter in your life is closing, or soon will. You may have been undergoing an intense period of transformation, learning all you can from it, and now is the time to let go and move on. You are ready for a new chapter.

What If The Angel Number Is A Mixed Sequence? (i.e. 123)

If you're seeing repeating sequences of numbers but the numbers themselves differ (i.e. 123, 457, etc.), you can always look up the meaning of those individual numbers and combine each number's vibrational message to determine the meaning.

For example, 123 would combine the energies of the numbers 1 (initiative, taking action), 2 (flexibility and adaptability), and 3 (being open to spiritual lessons) to mean that in the initial steps of a new project, you should remain flexible and be open to any spiritual lessons you might learn along the way, even if those lessons might come in the form of obstacles.

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