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Zayn Malik is reportedly playing a role in Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio's rumored romance.

Apparently, Zayn Is Playing A Role In Gigi & Leo’s Reported Romance

A source says Gigi “doesn't want to be disrespectful” to her ex.

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Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio are reportedly seeing each other, but a source said they’re keeping this private for a reason. Rumors surrounding Geo (um, Ligi?) started in September, but they haven’t gone public with their reported romance. That doesn’t mean things are slowing down though. According to an insider, Zayn Malik might be playing a role in Hadid and DiCaprio’s relationship.

"Gigi and Leo have been seeing each other and are very into each other, but Gigi has been trying to keep things low-key with their relationship," a source told Entertainment Tonight on Nov. 7. "They are trying to keep things private and not show too much PDA while out together."

So, um, why are Hadid and DiCaprio keeping things so low-key? It sounds like Hadid’s ex (and the father of her child) has something to do with it. "Gigi is trying to be mindful of Zayn's feelings and doesn't want to be disrespectful to him with her new relationship. Gigi and Zayn both only want what is best for each other,” the insider explained. They are doing their best to have a cordial relationship, be the best parents they can be, and co-parent Khai in a healthy way.”

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This isn’t the first time sources have claimed Malik was affecting Hadid and DeCaprio’s hush-hush romance. On Oct. 5, a source told Us Weekly, “Gigi has her walls up since she’s on better terms with Zayn and they’re doing well coparenting. She’s not rushing into a serious relationship.”

“She’s very fond of Leo and is interested in pursuing a relationship with him but at the same time is very busy with her modeling gigs and being there for her daughter,” the insider added at the time. “They’ve been having secret meetups and have been spending time together privately. They’re very into each other and are seeing where things go.”

Welp, if keeping your romance “secret” is what it takes to make your co-parenting relationship work, so be it.