Elite Daily Newsletter: November 29, 2022

EmRata's style evolution over the years, the haircut you should get for 2023 based on your zodiac sign, and more.

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Emily Ratajkowski’s Style Evolution Is Empowering AF

EmRata definitely knows a thing or two about being overtly sexualized and the price women pay for being seen as desirable. “For the majority of my career in my 20s, so much of who I was in the world was this one-dimensional character that was just about image,” she recently told Elite Daily. “It was really frustrating for me.” READ MORE

The Haircut Trend To Try Based On Your Zodiac Sign

I hereby declare that everyone should try something totally new with their hair in 2023. Why not?! We’ve been in a pandemic for 138,973 days (approx.) and even if most of your co-workers will only appreciate your new ’do on Zoom, it’s worth it, IMHO. My hairstylist and I are *both* Libras, so I know we’re on the same page. READ MORE


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How Arianna Margulis Turned Dating Lemons Into Instagram Lemonade

With her viral cartoons, Margulis isn’t just admitting to her messy experiences — she’s using them to grow into a more self-assured person and dater. “Making all those mistakes and creating these cartoons made me a more confident person that was able to go out and date better,” Margulis says. As she flexes her insecurities for her art, she’s also building a community of people who can relate. READ MORE

Will & Kate Reportedly Won't See Meghan & Harry During Their U.S. Trip

Royals... they’re just like us! Sometimes you have a quick work trip to a city where you have some family members, and as much as you would love to grab coffee and catch up, it’s just not in the cards. Or you are in the middle of a dramatic family feud and don’t want the press attention. Or something else. Anyhoo, here’s why we are not getting a Wales-Sussex reunion this week. READ MORE


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