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Kate Gallivan apologized to Logan Palmer after the 'BIP' reunion.

Kate (Finally) Apologized To Logan For Calling Him Poor

’Twas about time.


Kate Gallivan and Logan Palmer weren’t exactly a perfect match. While they explored their connection on the beaches of Bachelor In Paradise, Kate had serious concerns about Logan’s ability to keep up with her financially. Her constant commentary behind his back rubbed many fans the wrong way. Though she didn’t say sorry at the reunion finale, which aired Nov. 22, Kate apologized to Logan afterwards in an Instagram Story.

"In light of the reunion tonight, I want to speak directly to you all," she posted on her IG Story. "I deeply apologize for the classist things that I said on BIP this season. I was shocked when I saw the show myself, and I cringed just as much as you guys did watching it. If I could take it back, I would."

She added, "I've apologized to Logan, but want to extend that apology to anyone who may have been offended by these comments. I have nothing but respect for Logan and the rest of the cast, and I'm still so grateful to have gone on this adventure with them #bachelorinparadise."

ICYMI, Kate became the target of some criticism after she expressed concerns about Logan’s ability to afford the type of lifestyle she’s used to. One of her wildest comments? “I know that you literally can’t afford to workout at Equinox.”

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During the reunion, Logan responded to Kate’s criticism — much of which was not said to his face. "I wanted to have a career in film, and for a while I was a scuba instructor," he explained in the finale. "I walked dogs to get by, I did whatever I could for a whole year. And I ended up building an amazing career using a camera. I'm so proud of that and it's something that took a long time... and she made fun of me for it."

Kate called her words “out of pocket,” telling Logan, “I hate that you had to hear that. When I was vocalizing those concerns, it was to my girlfriends in private.” However, she didn’t take the next step of actually apologizing.

Not to mention, only two days before the reunion aired, she seemed pretty determined to stick by her word. Posting a photo from her vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Kate wrote, “a costco card and some extra guac ain’t gettin you here.” (Following Kate’s comments being aired, Logan joked about his Costco premium membership and ordering extra guac on TikTok.)

Maybe in the future Kate and Logan will find partners who appreciate them — and their financial situations — without any cutting side commentary.