Elite Daily Newsletter: November 2, 2022

This is the most romantic day in November according to astrologists, how to make Kim Kardashian's chia seed pudding, and more.

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All 10 Of Taylor Swift’s Style Eras Described In 1 Word

When it comes to style evolutions, Taylor Swift is pretty fearless (ha). For each of her 10 albums, the Midnights singer has unveiled a corresponding aesthetic. In honor of Swift’s upcoming The Eras Tour, here’s a look back at each of the star’s iconic style iterations. READ MORE

This Will Be The Most Romantic Day In November

On this special day, seductive Venus will be swathed with the hypnotic influence of smoldering Scorpio, while harmonizing with lucky Jupiter in fantasy-loving Pisces. It's like the stars (and planets) are literally aligning just for you. Romantic experiences will be on the border of ecstasy, and love is like a dream. READ MORE


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Apparently, You Can Call Harry Styles "Daddy"

It all started when popular TikToker Chris Olsen brought a simple sign to Styles’ show. In big letters, Olsen’s poster read, “Daddy?” It didn’t take long for a cameraman to notice the sign, then the crowd, and then Styles himself. READ MORE

Ellie Zeiler Is Ready To Vote For The First Time — And Share It With Her 12 Million Followers

Thanks to her parents, Ellie Zeiler, 18, grew up constantly aware of what was going on in the world. But when she started gaining a social media following, she decided she needed to take it up a level. “I realized that I have this platform, and that comes with a big responsibility to really make change in the world, which is really, really cool to get to have,” says Zeiler. The TikTok star opened up to Elite Daily about what she’s looking forward to on Election Day and how she deals with backlash when she talks about her views online. READ MORE


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