Young couple taking a selfie in a car mirror on the most romantic day in November 2022.

The Most Romantic Day In November 2022 Will Be A Sweet, Sweet Fantasy

Passions are running high.

by Valerie Mesa

And The Most Romantic Day In November 2022 Is...

Nov. 14!

On this day, seductive Venus will be swathed with the hypnotic influence of smoldering Scorpio, while harmonizing with lucky Jupiter in fantasy-loving Pisces. Romantic experiences are on the border of ecstasy, and love is like a dream.

Aries (March 21—April 19)

Your love language is unique, and your intimate connections are no exception. Surrender to the flow between you and your special someone; sparks are magical and genuine. A beautiful soul bond is in the works, so why get in your own way?

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