Harry Styles answered to "Daddy" during his concert.

Apparently, You Can Call Harry Styles "Daddy”

This video of Daddy Styles is everything.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Harry Styles loves to work a crowd, and he’s proven it at practically every concert throughout Love On Tour. But on Harryween, aka his Oct. 31 show in Los Angeles, Styles’ communication with the crowd took on a spicier edge — plus, it landed him a new, steamy nickname. At the show, Harry Styles answered to “Daddy,” and the crowd went wild, obviously.

It all started when popular TikToker Chris Olsen brought a simple sign to Styles’ show. In big letters, Olsen’s poster read, “Daddy?” It didn’t take long for a cameraman to notice the sign, then the crowd, and then Styles himself.

In a video of the interaction posted to TikTok, Styles looked confused when he heard cheers, not realizing Olsen’s sign was on the big screen. When he finally put two and two together, he asked the crowd, “Is that what you were screaming for?” He then apologized to Olsen for just realizing. “Sorry. How are you, sir?”

And then... the moment of truth. “Yes?” Styles cheekily responded to Olsen’s “Daddy?” sign. The singer then paused for a few seconds, still pointing at Olsen before repeating, “Yes?” Though Olsen attempted to respond, Styles couldn’t hear him (there were thousands of other screaming fans, after all). “I fear that there may be a communication breakdown from this distance,” Styles told Olsen. “But just know, ‘Yes?’”

The next day, Olsen duetted the video on TikTok, adding his own thoughts. “I WILL NEVER RECOVER,” he wrote. (Relatable.) His followers were quick to flood the comments section, sharing their own takes on the sitch.

One quipped, “And that kids is how I met your Daddy.” Another commented, “BESTIE YOU WON AT LIFE.” One TikTok account even suggested that Olsen and Styles collaborate. “Chris + Harry collab,” they put in. “He NEEDS coffee ASAP.” (JSYK, Olsen has a popular TikTok series where he brings celebrities — like Meghan Trainor — coffee from long distances away.) You never know, Styles might love a hand-delivered latte.

Does anyone else feel like Don’t Worry Darling needs to be re-named Don’t Worry Daddy?