Elite Daily Newsletter: November 16, 2022

Tips for spotting bad mental health advice on TikTok, Taylor Swift’s new revenge era, and more.

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How To Spot Bad Mental Health Advice On TikTok

If you’ve spent time (read: more hours than you’d like to admit) scrolling on TikTok, you’ve been probably been served advice, hacks, and “it worked for me” videos, especially when it comes to mental health. “#Mentalhealth and related hashtags have racked up billions of views on the platform, but that doesn’t mean the content is quality,” writes Anna Davies. So, what’s actually legit and what’s just plain old bad? Consider these five things the next time you’re using the app (aka now). READ MORE

How 2022 Became Bebe Rexha’s Unexpectedly “Good” Year

Thanks to some TikTok magic, Bebe Rexha is celebrating the success of a years-old demo turned global hit with David Guetta. In fact, “I’m Good (Blue)” was just nominated for a 2023 Grammy. “This is a dog-eat-dog world,” Rexha says of the music industry in an Elite Daily exclusive. “I’ve had success in the past, and then [the lockdown] hit, and it was a bit tough. To have another hit is amazing — I’m honestly very grateful and very blessed.” READ MORE


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Ariana Grande’s Beauty Evolution Serves Signature *Lewks*

“If Ariana Grande’s beauty evolution is synonymous with one thing, it’s the pint-sized singer’s XXL hair,” writes Haylee Thorson. While you know and love Grande’s signature ponytail look, that hasn’t always been her go-to style. Take a look back at the Grammy award-winning artist’s hair through the years, from her cat ear era to long red(!) locks. READ MORE

Taylor Swift Has Entered A New Kind Of Revenge Era

Over the last 16 years, Taylor Swift has become the Queen of Revenge Pop, with hits like “Better Than Revenge,” “Picture to Burn”, and “Look What You Made Me Do.” While Midnights delivers the same themes of getting payback (thank you, “Vigilante Sh*t,” “Karma,” and more), there’s something different about Swifts lyrics this time around, argues Bec Oakes. READ MORE


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