Ariana Grande's HUGE Bubble Ponytail Is Not Only So Trendy, But Fans Think It Has A Secret Meaning

by Kelsi Zimmerman
Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's no secret that the "7 Rings" singer loves a good ponytail, but Ariana Grande's recent bubble ponytail is so different than her typical stick-straight, sky-high, waist-grazing one that's become her signature. In fact, the bubble pony that Grande recently rocked in a post on her Instagram feed is not only one of the biggest hair trends for spring, but it also may have a ~secret~ meaning.

The bubble ponytail is a look that is created by first pulling the hair into a high ponytail, then creating voluminous sections down the length of the ponytail and securing each section periodically with an elastic. In addition to the look blowing up your newsfeed, you've probably seen the look on other celebs like Millie Bobby Brown, Blake Lively, and Kendall Jenner. Basically, it's a super chic, fun, and unexpected take on the classic ponytail.

Now, on to the juicy part: what exactly the new ponytail could mean. On Grande's latest album Thank U, Next, there's a song called "NASA" (you know, like the National Aeronautics Space Administration). Grande sings about needing "space" and references NASA. Well, Grande recently posted a photo to Instagram of her bubble ponytail hairstyle, which features eight super rounded sections that look strikingly similar to the planets. Leave it to eagle-eyed fans to liken her hairstyle to the solar system that has — gasp — eight planets. (Sorry, Pluto.) Thus, fans are thinking this look may indicate that Grande is filming something having to do with her song "NASA." Have I lost you?

OK, if you're still not seeing the potential connection, hear me out. Grande also captioned the first Instagram post featuring her 'do with five different moon emojis. After that, she went on to post another image (which was the same as the first) and captioned it, "i would very much enjoy some more planet emojis next update please. i could really use a jupiter a neptune and a saturn." At that point, fans flooded Ari's comment section with things like, "Is that suppose to be a hint to ur new song? You got me questioning Ariana," and "When u reinvent NASA u need emojis."

OK, well, Grande eventually rounded out the slew of bubble ponytail posts with yet another post/caption combo that highlights the project she was working on: a taped performance for the iHeartRadio awards, airing March 14. "thank u @iheartradio for having us on the show," read the post's caption. "we’re so honored and excited for u to hear what we did and to be there in spirit (just know that while you’re enjoying our televised performance i’ll be running around like a f*cking maniac during our final dress rehearsals)... tune in march 14 🌫 love u."

OK, so I guess this means Grande isn't going to become an astronaut — well, as far as I know, at least. But does this mean Grande will perform "NASA" at the awards ceremony? Judging by the last photo's caption, Grande had to tape her iHeart performance ahead of the live show, as she won't be able to attend because it interferes with dress rehearsals for her Sweetener tour (which begins March 18). But luckily, if you plan on tuning into the awards show then you'll get to witness Ari — in all her galactic hair glory — singing some of her hits from Sweetener that we've all come to love.