Millie Bobby Brown Wore Her Hair In The Coolest Long Ponytail, So I Recreated The Look

by Stephanie Montes
Luca Bruno/AP/Shutterstock // Stephanie Montes

Millie Bobby Brown might be over a decade younger than me, but the Stranger Things actress is quickly becoming one of my favorite beauty muses. Just two days after her 15th birthday, she stepped out on a red carpet wearing a super high ponytail (Ariana Grande, is that you?), a red cat eye, hoop earrings, and a shiny black jacket designed by Palm Angels for Moncler that gave me all the hype-bae vibes. Feeling inspired, I copied Millie Bobby Brown's super long ponytail and raided my own closet for a puffy jacket, black hoodie, and silver hoops to really emulate her look, and honestly, I've never felt cooler. Thank you, Millie, for keeping me young.

Lately, I've been feeling like I've been stuck in a little bit of a beauty and fashion rut. And deciding to copy Brown's fashion-forward look filled me with much-needed inspo. I love my golden eyeshadow looks, a good nude lip, and a cat eye, so taking on Brown's subtle red cat eye felt up my alley. While I'm in desperate need of a haircut, pulling it back into a super-tight ponytail felt like the perfect way to put a newer, cooler spin on my regular style.

When it comes to my clothes, it's been unusually cold in Los Angeles where I live, so I've been resorting to wearing head-to-toe black and piling on the layers — essentially, I haven't had the opportunity to be the most creative. For the most part, I've been sticking to classic silhouettes, like trench coats, leather jackets, and skinny jeans. However, Brown's strategic and cool-girl layering — a shiny puffer jacket over a hoodie — while it isn't my go-to style, offered an easy, yet fashionable way to stay warm. Although, I actually end up borrowing my husband's hoodie, because I don't even own one.

After breaking down Brown's look, I was more than ready to assume her fashion aura. I'd already tried wearing Ariana Grande's sky-high, super long ponytails for a week, so I knew exactly where to start with recreating Brown's hairstyle.

To recreate her bubble pony, I started by applying a heat protectant spray ($4, Walmart) from roots to ends on my damp hair. Using a paddle brush, I blow dried my hair until it was pin straight and sleek. If you need, you can also go over it with a straightener. Do yourself a favor and make sure your hair is flat beginning at the roots — don't try to cheat and only do the shaft. This will make it easier to get a really high, smooth, bump-free ponytail.

Next, I threw may hair into a high ponytail just below the crown of my head. Take your time on this part. It's a lot of brushing and smoothing, and your arms will definitely get tired here, but breathe through it. Next, I secured my ponytail with two hair ties to make it really tight and ensure it didn't fall or loosen.

Using a toothbrush, I smoothed away any traces of flyaways by spraying my hair with Ouai's Medium Hair Spray ($26, Sephora) and smoothing down my hair with the toothbrush. Finally, for added drama, I added my ponytail extensions. If you've never used extensions before, Bellami Hair offers easy ponytail wrap-around extensions ($40, Bellami) if you want to add a little length or volume to your updo.

Finally, I used some mini elastics to create the bubble effect — and it was literally so easy. Essentially, you just add an elastic every few inches down the top half of your ponytail, and wrap the elastic around like you normally would with a ponytail. If you want the bubbles to be a little fuller, you can tease your hair a bit before putting the elastics in.

Finally, the gold string accessory was actually just some metallic elastic from the craft store. After putting the elastics in, I wrapped the gold elastic around a few times on every part where the mini elastics were and tied a knot to secure it.

Millie Bobby Brown's effortlessly cool ponytail and ~look~:

And behold, my equally as effortless cool ponytail, and subsequent ~look~:

Stephanie Montes
Stephanie Montes

Using Brown's fresh-faced style as my new inspiration was surprisingly refreshing — and easy! Just like that, I felt cooler than I've felt in 28 years. I guess stranger things have happened!