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Elite Daily Newsletter: August 30, 2022

Your perfect solo travel destination based on your zodiac sign, why Victoria Paris is leaving New York, someone threw chicken nuggets at Harry Styles, and more.


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Dating Decoded: Is It Too Soon After My Breakup To Start Dating Again?

I have a TREAT for you, dear readers: Elite Daily officially has our very own advice column about single life, dating, and relationships. Twice a month, our Deputy Dating Editor Hannah Orenstein (who just so happens to be a romance novelist and former matchmaker, natch) will be answering your most pressing questions.

For our very first column, Hannah answered an incredibly common (and frustrating!) question that a lot of people have after ending a relationship. Is there ever a “good” amount of time to pass before meeting someone new? Well, yes and no. (P.S., Have a question that you can’t stop thinking about? Send it over and it could be answered in an upcoming column.) READ MORE

One Last Trip Around Tribeca With Victoria Paris

Victoria Paris is the ultimate “It Girl,” TikTok-edition. She started posting in 2020 after getting laid off (uh, relatable!). Her 1.5 million followers (“Victorians”) are incredibly loyal and passionate — a bit too much, in fact. Her followers are now locating her IRL a little too often, and her family and her girlfriend are experiencing unwanted attention, too. “The last straw for me was when people started showing up outside my door,” she says. “I don’t want to resent my audience, and I don’t want to stop making videos.” Thus, her cross-country move to a little more privacy in sunny California. READ MORE


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The Ideal Solo Travel Destination Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Maybe you just got out of a breakup and decided that you do in fact need some time before dating again, maybe you want to take a break from waking up to your roommate’s dirty dishes, or maybe you just enjoy traveling by yourself. Or, hey, maybe you just found a super cheap flight and none of your besties could take PTO. No matter your reason, there is a great destination waiting for you this fall — just follow the sign. Literally. (Capricorns, when you get to your destination, go to Pequod’s Pizza; you won’t regret it.) READ MORE

Erotica Writers Spill All Their Tips For The *Spiciest* Dirty Talk

Ah, the pure thrill of a good sext: Little can beat that feeling. OK, well, a few things can, but that part usually comes later (pun *absolutely* intended). It is completely normal, however, to feel hesitant about expressing your desires out loud, or even via text. Hell, sometimes it’s just difficult to find the right words to describe what you want. I feel like that all the time, and I’m literally a writer. But since newsletters aren’t exactly a hot and heavy milieu, we spoke to the true experts — erotica writers — about how to keep everything steamy. READ MORE


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