NEW YORK, NEW YORK - AUGUST 02: Lee Pace attends the A24's "Bodies Bodies Bodies" New York Screening...

Elite Daily Newsletter: August 18, 2022

10 Lee Pace movies and TV shows you can stream right now, the zodiac signs most likely to hook up with an ex, and more.

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10 Essential Lee Pace Movies And TV Shows To Stream Right Now

It is always a blessed day when we are graced with a new set of Lee Pace photos. For the uninitiated, Lee Pace is a 6-foot-5 actor with a perfect face who will reliably make the internet go feral once a year. His recent role in Bodies, Bodies, Bodies is bringing a new generation to that special Lee Pace magic, which you can catch in some of his older work, too. READ MORE

The 3 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Hook Up With Their Ex

I think it’s fine to hook up with your ex, but then again of course I would because *MY* zodiac sign is on this list. It depends on the ex, right? And how things ended, too. Sometimes you can get clarity — or even closure — much more quickly from reopening an old relationship than avoiding it, IMO. Well, my opinions aside, here are the signs most likely to respond to that annual “hey, just thinking about you” text. READ MORE


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The first time I asked for a raise, I was terrified: I was 17 and working as a restaurant host, and mustered up all my courage to ask my boss for a $0.25/hour raise after working there for a year. He didn’t even look up from his desk and said, “Yeah, sure, you’re doing a good job, why not.” WHY NOT, INDEED! While all conversations about raises are not this smooth (or this short), the one consistency is that you should always ask for more money. Here’s how. READ MORE

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Alexis Ren is no stranger to dating in the public eye. She first rose to prominence in 2015, when she and then-boyfriend Jay Alvarrez, a travel influencer and surfer, blew up on IG. They were the epitome of #couplegoals, even when things weren’t quite as sunny as they seemed. Since her split from Alvarrez, she’s dated other high-profile men like Noah Centineo. But now, she’s content to keep her romantic life on private mode. READ MORE


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