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The Final Week Of 2021 Is Full Of Dramatic Twists And Turns

If you think you know how this story ends, think again.

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The countdown to 2022 has officially begun, but don’t get ahead of yourself. The final days of 2021 have the potential to be the most groundbreaking yet, amplifying the significance of a year that has already been so transformative. It’s been a long journey, but your December 27, 2021 weekly horoscope is off to a beautiful start.

On Dec. 28, Jupiter — planet of growth and abundance — will enter mystical Pisces, where it will remain for the next five months. Jupiter rules over Pisces, a mutable water sign known for its spiritual inclinations, imaginative outlook, and endless empathy. This transit is about spreading universal love and accepting that we’re all connected. Make no mistake — this year hasn’t been easy, but it’s also leaving you with a beautiful gift before it’s finally over.

However, for the past few weeks, Venus retrograde has been revealing the deeper (and darker) layers of your relationships and calling attention to conflicts that were never truly solved. On Dec. 29, chatty Mercury will join forces with Venus, helping you get the truth off your chest and finally talk about the elephant in the room. Sometimes the most difficult thing to say is the most important thing to say.

Dec. 29 is also when the sun in bossy Capricorn will square off with Chiron in competitive Aries. Chiron tends to shine a light on your deepest wounds, and this week, it will reveal how ego can be deeply intertwined with your insecurities. You may even discover that arrogance is a defense mechanism designed to hide these insecurities. Let these challenging realizations help you turn shallow and superficial pride into honest and unwavering self-acceptance.

You’ll receive a powerful boost of mental clarity and intellectual stamina by Dec. 30. This is when Mercury will merge with magnetic Pluto, helping you get to know your shadow side as you let go of what you’ve outgrown and start embracing the process of rebirth. However, this energizing and empowering energy is a double-edged sword, because Pluto’s intensity can be just as detrimental as it is beneficial if it’s being focused on the wrong thing.

New Year’s Day might feel even more meaningful this year. At 4:50 am ET, the sun will trine innovative and revolutionary Uranus, pushing you to tap into your authentic self and embrace your independence. The next day, Mercury will also enter visionary and eccentric Aquarius, giving you an even more radical perspective of what the future holds. And as a new moon in Capricorn takes place on Jan. 2 at 1:33 a.m. ET, you may even be sketching blueprints, making concrete plans, and getting all your ducks in a row. Believe in your ideas, but support them with the patience, diligence, and commitment they deserve.

Here’s how every zodiac sign can squeeze every last drop of power and potential from this week’s forecast:

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Your career prospects are approaching a significant development this week. You may feel ready to commit to a serious decision and let go of one dream in favor of another, but the level of risk involved makes making the right choice that much more important to you. Ask yourself what your honest goal is. Get to the bottom of what you want. You’re ready to try something new, but extend compassion to yourself regarding the possibility of not getting it right on the first try.


This week, you may be struggling to stay positive, prompting you to search for answers and a deeper meaning from your life. In fact, a crisis of faith may be approaching, but letting go of your beliefs can also be an incredibly liberating experience. Embrace an open mind and accept that you don’t know everything and can’t know everything. A moment of uncertainty can teach you far more than you would have learned if you felt confident in your certainty.


Your emotional undercurrent feels stronger than ever. In fact, a secret may be revealed to you this week, and if you continue investigating, there’s a chance you could discover more than you might even want to know. And if you start obsessing over a negative situation, it may bring on more problems than it’s worth. When you feel your instincts veering into dangerous territory, remember that you deserve better. You deserve safety. Let it go. The drama is not worth your time.


It may be harder to see eye-to-eye with your loved ones this week. Regardless of what your disagreement may be about, proving that you’re right and gaining the upper hand may feel more important than nurturing trust and understanding. Look beyond your worst instincts in the heat of the moment, because these darker emotions will pass. Instead, focus on the way you and your loved one can heal together once you reach the other side of this conflict.

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This week, you may find it difficult to strike a balance with your daily tasks. You may feel compelled to place way too much on your plate, forcing you to forgo the rituals that bring you rest and peace of mind. You could feel like you’re so far behind on your work that you might as well not do it at all, postponing your anxiety about your unfinished work until later. You’re not superhuman, so why should you base your self-worth on delivering superhuman results?


You may stumble into some truly out-of-this-world beauty this week. You may even be falling under the spell of a romantic affair. This affair may involve another person or simply center on yourself and your creativity. However, remember that lust is fickle. It arrives to inspire you, but it’s not built to sustain you. These beautiful moments come and go, so appreciate them while they’re here, but don’t drain yourself by chasing the same level of euphoria it once gave you.


This week, you may be craving a feeling of warmth, familiarity, and belonging in a way that captures all your focus. All the fingers pointing at you and chastising you may make it feel harder to let your guard down and relax. However, just because your home is experiencing turbulence doesn’t mean it can’t be soothed with a little TLC. And remember, the feeling of being “at home” can arrive when you least expect it, in a place that may not even technically be your home.


Your curiosity may be luring you into dangerous and unpredictable territory. However, the excitement of getting the latest scoop may be overwhelming the caution needed when studying and disclosing sensitive information. Be aware of the topics that snag your interest and the conversations you feel driven to participate in. When something is shared, a domino effect is soon to follow. And the method of delivery is just as important as the contents of the message.

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There’s a chance you may be too focused on reliving the past or speculating about your future. Fears surrounding your finances may intensify your instinct to make a hasty judgement or decision with your money. When you feel your anxiety taking you away from the present, remember to separate what’s fact from what has yet to be proven. Tune into the what is here and now. Feel the solid earth beneath your feet. Remember what has yet to fail at supporting you.


This week, you may be picking yourself apart with a magnifying glass, emphasizing the fear that you’re not good enough. But once something feeds your ego, you might do a 180, feeling over-confident and superior. However, life is not a competition, and judging yourself based on where you stand in this race leaves no room for the simple act of self-acceptance that sets you free. Remember — you can be the most perfect avocado in the world and there will still be someone who can’t stand the texture.


You may feel like delving into the deeper aspects of your spirituality, the complexity of your emotions, and your ongoing healing this week. You might even need to reflect on everything in solitude. As you surrender to this introspection, you may be confronting darker emotions. However, your feelings are not indicative of your reality. Instead, they reveal a lot about the way you perceive your reality, and perception always evolves with time, love, and new experiences.


This week, you may feel inspired by group endeavors and the electricity sparked by human connection. While the concept of universal love is always worth striving for, the reality of how a social dynamic can function proves that people don’t always have the best intentions. Be aware of how you may be exerting dominance over others and the way others may be exerting it over you. Pay attention to how you feel in a group setting, surrounded by people that may have hidden agendas.