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This Is The Best Day For You To Travel This Fall, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The astrology on Oct. 18 will play a *huge* factor.

by Valerie Mesa
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You already know the perfect post-pandemic vacation spot for yourself, per your zodiac sign. But did you know your ideal vaxication destination isn’t the only thing written in the stars in regards to your wanderlust? Now, you can discover the best day for you to travel in fall 2021 based on your sign as well.

The latest guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says fully vaccinated people can travel safely within the United States — while continuing to follow all state and local recommendations — so if you’re looking to take a domestic post-vaccination trip this autumn, it doesn’t have to be a fantasy. (International travel differs from country to country, so you should always check the conditions at your destination before you take off.) All you really need to know prior to your U.S.-based excursion is when to start your journey — and the best time won’t be until October 2021, at the earliest.

Between jet-setting Jupiter backspinning through Aquarius and Mercury retrograding soon after the autumnal equinox, making travel plans isn’t suggested throughout September, and even a fair amount of October. The good news is, both of these planets will station direct on the same day (Oct. 18), so the universe will finally start cutting us some slack.

Saturn and Pluto will also be back to their regular scheduled programming around this time, and Neptune will station direct on Dec. 1, so the coast will be mostly clear. Just be mindful of the two eclipses headed our way — a lunar eclipse on Nov. 19, followed by a solar eclipse on Dec. 4 — because you’ll need to tread lightly again. Make sure you’re being gentle with yourself throughout the season, follow your intuition, and stay up to date on the latest CDC travel guidance — both where you live and where you’re going — because it keeps changing.

You’re just moments away from finding out the best day for you to travel this fall. All you have to do is find your zodiac sign, and you can begin planning your great getaway of 2021.


Aries: Saturday, Oct. 23

Looking to clear your head, Aries? As the sun journeys through your mystifying eighth house of transformation, you’re seeking depth and intensity. With or without a partner, this is an opportunity for you to look inward and liberate yourself from what no longer serves you.

Meanwhile, the curious Gemini moon will not only shake up your third house of short trips, but also trine Mercury in the process. Mercury governs movement in your chart, and it will also be in harmony with pleasure-seeking Venus in your adventurous ninth house of travel. Needless to say, it’s time for an adventure — you deserve it.

Taurus: Monday, Dec. 6

Taurus, your desire for freedom and wanderlust is worth investing in. Though the sun beaming through your intimate eighth house of sex, mergers, and shared resources could leave you feeling indebted to someone and/or something, you still deserve to take some time for yourself.

The good news: The moon will conjunct your harmony-seeking planetary ruler, Venus, via your ninth house of adventure and travel. If you’re not open to the spontaneity of an impromptu getaway, use this structured Capricorn moon to plan ahead.

Gemini: Tuesday, Oct. 19

Your ruler, Mercury, is finally direct, Gemini. And in addition to the Aries moon igniting your experimental 11th house of individual freedom, the moon’s ruler, Mars, will be in harmony with lucky Jupiter, planet of expansion and travel.

Mars will also be sizzling through your happy-go-lucky fifth house of love and happiness, while forming a harmonious trine to Jupiter in your thrill-seeking ninth house of wanderlust and faraway journeys. Combine these celestial energies, and what do you get? A spontaneous getaway that makes your heart skip a beat. Both Mars and Jupiter happen to govern parts of your chart related to work and career, which means it’s time to play hooky.

Cancer: Saturday, Oct. 30

The sun will square off with Saturn on Oct. 30, which could make things seem a bit limiting — but not if you can help it, Cancer. The challenge here has to do with you making a choice between your happiness versus your prior commitments, so use your discernment.

On a brighter note, the resourceful Virgo moon will touch down on your third house of short trips and link up with Mars in your passionate fifth house. The moon, your planetary ruler, will also be in harmony with the sun, the planet governing your comfort-seeking second house of sensual pleasures. Get away for a bit — you owe it to yourself.

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Leo: Sunday, Nov. 28

In addition to your majestic planetary ruler, the sun, energizing and revitalizing your passionate fifth house of happiness, it will conjunct Mercury the mover on Nov. 28. That means you’re not only making moves but looking the part of a world traveler as well.

Charming Venus will also be dazzling your curious third house of short trips, while making a harmonious sextile (when two planets are two signs apart) to sizzling Mars, ruler of your expansive ninth house of adventure. To say you’re ready to spread your wings would be an understatement, so pack your bags.

Virgo: Wednesday, Nov. 3

Celebrate your wins, and treat yourself to a charming getaway, Virgo. The sun governs your 12th house of rest and retreat, and it will be sitting with Mars in your third house of short trips on Nov. 3. Smoldering Scorpio will take the reins here, so you might be making secret plans, or passionately doing some research beforehand.

The charming moon in Libra will conjunct your planetary ruler, Mercury — via your comfort-seeking second house of money, stability, and sensual pleasures — around the same time. Considering Mercury also governs your career sector, this suggests you reap the benefits of your hard labor.

Libra: Tuesday, Oct. 19

You’re feeling inspired, and looking on the bright side of things, Libra. So much so, you’re likely daydreaming about being whisked away on a romantic retreat of sorts. The quincunx (equivalent to five astrological signs) on Oct. 19 between your harmony-seeking planetary ruler, Venus — which will be transiting through your third house of short trips — and rebellious Uranus validates your unpredictability and desire for freedom.

The sun, Mercury, and Mars are also energizing your sign, so you’re being as bold as ever. Since Mars is in alignment with jet-setting Jupiter, so you may wanna pack an extra suitcase just in case.

Scorpio: Monday, Dec. 6

You’ve been manifesting this trip for quite some time, Scorpio. Since the moon rules your expansive ninth house of adventure, and Venus governs your 12th house of retreat, and both of these planets serendipitously happen to be sitting together in your third house of short trips on Dec. 6, now’s the time to make some moves.

The moon will also be in harmony with dreamy Neptune via your happy-go-lucky fifth house of passion and musings, adding a layer of fantasy to the mix. Though it may sound as if it’s all too good to be true, both of your planetary rulers — Mars and Pluto — will be making an exact sextile, so some things are just meant to be.

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Sagittarius: Sunday, Nov. 28

The sun governs your expansive ninth house of adventure, experience, and travel, and it’s sitting together with Mercury, inspiring you to venture into the unknown. You’re always down for a little carpe diem, but now the cosmos are on your side as well.

Ironically enough, Mars — ruler of your romantic fifth house of love — is igniting your 12th house of rest and retreat, so you’re really looking forward to some well-deserved alone time. To top it off, Mars will be making an exact sextile to Venus in your second house of comfort, so you’re ready to indulge in the fruits of your labor.

Capricorn: Wednesday, Nov. 3

Get that out-of-office message ready, Capricorn. The cosmos are granting you a treat you can’t resist. The catch? You may or may not have to play hooky — but how do you expect to perform if you haven’t recharged your batteries? You might as well take advantage of this window of time, and take off somewhere.

Venus rules your career sector, but it will be wandering through your sleepy 12th house of rest, retreat, and solitude, encouraging you to take a step back. More importantly, it will be in harmony with the moon and Mercury via your 10th house of career, which presents you with the opportunity to take some much-needed time off. These two planets will also link up with Jupiter, planet of abundance, luck, and opportunity. Sounds like a win-win.

Aquarius: Tuesday, Oct. 19

The universe is giving you the green light on a vacation. In addition to the moon activating your mobile third house of short trips, it will be in harmony with sweet Venus — ruler of your adventurous ninth house of travel — on Oct. 19, so you’ve hit the jackpot.

Mars will also be sizzling through your ninth house of adventure, while forming a lucky trine with Jupiter in your sign. Jupiter is the planet of luck, experience, travel, and faraway journeys, but it’s up to you to take this leap. Mercury will finally be direct via your fifth house of romance, so you may or may not decide to bring a plus one along for the ride.

Pisces: Saturday, Oct. 30

With the sun-Mars conjunct via your adventurous ninth house of carpe diem, you’re overdue for a well-deserved change of scenery. The square between the sun and Saturn on Oct. 30 could potentially challenge you when it comes to themes of self-worth, but what’s the worst that could happen? If anything, make sure to meet your work deadlines and/or get some backup before you put on your OOO. Don’t let this energy burden you.

Mercury will also be in harmony with Venus, so by all means, souvenirs and trinkets are welcome.

The CDC recommends traveling only after you’re fully vaccinated and your vaccine has become fully effective. If you’re not fully vaccinated and must travel, check the CDC guidelines before you book. Check your destination’s vaccination and testing requirements before you depart.

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