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The Best Crock-Pot Soup Recipes For Lazy Girls This Winter

These recipes are Alix Earle and SZA-approved.

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When it’s cold outside, doing anything that requires you to get out of bed can be a real struggle. Bears were onto something with the whole hibernation thing. The idea of staying wrapped up in your blanket burrito all day sounds amazing, but there are other ways to keep warm when the temperature drops. For example, you could always make a bowl of soup that requires very little work on your part — aka a Crock-Pot recipe.

A bowl of lentil soup or beef stew sounds amazing, especially when all you need is a slow cooker and some ingredients. With a Crock-Pot, just assemble everything together and let it cook on its own. It’s that easy. You could even wait under some covers while your lunch or dinner makes itself. Basically, let your laziness take over. You don’t even need to look up recipes on TikTok to begin, because all the Crock-Pot ones you need are right here.

Whether you’re in the mood for classic chicken noodle to fight off a seasonal cold or a dupe for your favorite Olive Garden soup, you’ll find what you’re craving from these 10 slow cooker recipes.

This Loaded Potato Soup Is Customizable
Marissa Is A Mommy on YouTube

This recipe is basically a loaded potato in soup form. It has everything you would want to put on your baked potato, like cheese and savory bacon bits. You could even add some garlic, onion, celery, and diced ham, like in this slow cooker potato soup recipe. It’s really up to you and how you like to enjoy your potatoes. Either way, the end result is a creamy soup to keep you warm when you're being a total couch potato yourself, while streaming Netflix all day long.

This Vegetable Soup Is Easy

This vegetable soup is great for simple cooks. The most you'll have to do is cut up your choice of delicious vegetables, but even then, you can find some pre-cut ingredients at the store if you don't have the energy for that. For some extra protein, add beef to your slow cooker like in this vegetable soup recipe from Yummly.

This Olive Garden Zuppa Toscana Soup Is A Perfect Dupe

If you’re a fan of Olive Garden's endless soup deal, you’ll be delighted to know that you can make their Zuppa Toscana at home. That means you can have endless soup whether you’re at Olive Garden or not. You just need the right ingredients and a Crock-Pot. For example, Yummly has this vegan version that substitutes the bacon and sausage with Beyond Meat.

This Lentil And Kale Soup Is So Simple
Laura in the Kitchen on YouTube

You can’t go wrong with lentils and kale. This is a great soup recipe for your vegetarian and vegan friends. Though, if you're a meat lover, try this spicy sausage recipe instead. It's truly up to you and how much energy you have when putting this soup together, whether you want to add more or less ingredients.

This Beef Stew Is A Classic

If you're looking for something a little more on the heartier side to keep you warm, then you have to go with a beef stew. The best part about it is you get to choose what vegetables you put in, so you can truly make it your own. Of course, a classic beef stew recipe includes celery, carrots, and potatoes.

This Chicken Corn Chowder Will Make You Nice And Warm

A corn chowder may seem more like a summer soup, but that doesn't mean you can't be dreaming of the warmer months by making yourself a chicken corn chowder or shrimp and corn soup in the winter. There are a lot of ingredients in this one, but you're putting everything into the Crock-Pot and letting it do its own thing — which makes it easy. Set it up in the morning, and by the afternoon, you’ll have some delicious to enjoy.

This Chicken Noodle Soup Will Make You Feel Better
TikTok/Alix Earle

Be perfectly equipped to fight back any cold this season with some chicken noodle soup. Everyone needs a good recipe in their lives, so maybe this Crock-Pot gem of a tutorial can be the right one for you. There’s also a creamier version that is made with milk or try Alix Earle’s viral blended chicken noodle soup for something totally unique.

This Chicken Tortilla Soup Is So Cheesy

Just like we had a baked potato in soup form, this is basically like a taco in soup form. The cheesiness alone in this chicken tortilla soup is enough to make you want to try it, and adding some tortilla chips on top adds a delicious crunch. Mixing in some jalapeño peppers, like in this chicken tortilla soup, will also bring the heat, which is good for the winter.

This Lasagna Soup Is A TikTok Fave

To keep on the trend of dishes made into soups, TikTok also has this lasagna soup recipe — that even SZA is a fan of. TikToker @janellerohner says this soup does not disappoint, and has an amazing cheese pull. All you need to do is put everyone into one pot, and cook for a few hours. If you want something sooner, Yummly has this lasagna soup recipe that just takes 50 minutes.

This Broccoli Cheddar Soup Is A Panera Dupe

Another one for cheese lovers is broccoli cheddar soup. This recipe from TikToker @arianaharrity is for anyone looking for a Panera soup dupe. For the full experience, you could also make yourself some homemade bread bowls or a grilled ham and cheese on the side, like @arianaharrity.

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