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TikTok's Viral Crock-Pot Potato Soup Recipe Is The Ultimate Comfort Food

It’s also souper easy to make.

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There’s no contest — soup is easily the coziest dish. Not only is it the perfect way to warm yourself up on a crisp fall day, but it can also be so easy to make, even when you’re feeling super lazy. If you have a slow cooker at home, all you need to do is throw in your ingredients, turn it on, and in no time, you’ll have something tasty to enjoy with minimum effort. In fact, that’s how to make TikTok’s viral crock-pot potato soup recipe, which is currently trending on the social media platform.

If you’ve found yourself on the foodie side of TikTok, you’ve definitely seen the crock-pot potato soup on your FYP at least a few times. This super easy recipe has been making its rounds now that fall has arrived and people are craving comfort food over everything. While soup is already a sweater weather go-to, a loaded baked potato is another comfort food fave. A warm potato topped with cheese and bacon bits is never a bad idea, and combining a baked potato with soup is a match made in cozy heaven. So, it makes sense that TikTok is loving this crock-pot potato soup recipe. If you’re wondering how to make it, you might be surprised by just how easy it is.


The first thing you need to do is probably the hardest part of the whole process, which isn’t saying much. You just need to gather all the ingredients. While you can always make the crock-pot potato soup your own, here is everything you need for a basic recipe:

  • Frozen diced hash brown potatoes
  • Onions
  • Cream cheese
  • Cream of chicken
  • Pepper
  • Chicken stock
  • Shredded cheese
  • Bacon bits
  • Sour cream
  • Chives

You’ll also need a crock-pot or a slow cooker to do all the cooking for you. Just place your potatoes, chopped onions, a brick of cream cheese, a can of cream of chicken, and chicken stock in the pot. Add some pepper for seasoning, and let the mixture cook for about eight hours on low heat or for four hours on high heat, according to TikToker @hungrysix. They also add some shredded cheese, bacon bits, sour cream, and chives to the top once it’s done cooking.

TikToker @megnicole1995 has a slightly different recipe that has you add everything to the crock-pot from the beginning, including the shredded cheese and bacon bits. This recipe also uses two Hidden Valley Ranch Dips Mix packets instead of the chopped onions, and adds a bit of garlic salt and parsley to the mix for extra flavor. This version could also take less time as you only want to cook it for about four hours on low heat in the slow cooker.


Since this is basically a loaded potato in soup form, it’s perfect for game days with your besties or family dinners. Actually, this could become your new fave dish to serve at Thanksgiving. Since you’ll be making a whole batch in your crock-pot, you could even enjoy potato soup all week long when you’re slammed with deadlines at work or school and don’t want to think about cooking as much.

For an extra dose of comfort, you could also serve your viral potato soup in a homemade bread bowl with a recipe you can also find on TikTok. That is, of course, if you’re feeling fancy. This basic crock-pot potato soup recipe is perfect for any cold weather day, though, so do not hesi-tate to make it yourself for a spud-tacular meal.