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These At-Home Valentine's Day Ideas Will Make Your Date Night So Cozy

Make it a night in you’ll remember forever.

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Your coziest nights with bae are spent at home. You love snuggling up on your couch, putting on your favorite TV shows, and chatting about your days together. In fact, you're already planning to spend Valentine's Day at home and celebrate over dinner, drinks, and more cuddling. But, you also want this day to feel a bit more special, which is why you need these at-home Valentine’s Day ideas that are endlessly sweet.

Typically, you and your SO might go to a restaurant and sit at a table with tons of candles on Feb. 14. You may plan a fun activity such as getting tickets to a comedy show or going ice skating to make this day stand out. While those are all super fun plans, staying home and doing something unique and creative for Valentine’s Day may be just the thing you want to do to surprise your partner and spend some quality time together this year. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind when you think of stay-at-home Valentine’s Day ideas may be a romantic picnic in the living room or cozy movie night with popcorn. Those are a great start, but with these 10 romantic ideas for Valentine’s Day at home, you can take these traditional at-home date ideas and make them one-of-a-kind.

By going the extra step in making your date night in special, you’ll be making Valentine’s Day memories you’ll want to cherish forever. In fact, an amazing night at home is totally possible as long as you and your SO get creative with these at-home Valentine's Day ideas.

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Watch A Romantic Movie Under String Lights

Making pillow forts will never get old, and enjoying one under starry string lights is even better. So, create a fort with your partner in your living room using couch cushions, fluffy pillows, and blankets for your at-home Valentine’s Day. Complete your fort with star-shaped string lights ($7, Etsy) to make you and your partner feel as though you're relaxing under a starry night sky. Then, set up your laptop to stream a romantic movie you haven't seen yet with a variety of snacks ($30, Skinny Dipped).


Paint Pictures For Each Other

If you and your SO are up for an art project for your stay-at-home date night, set up a couple of easels in your kitchen or living room with canvases, paint sets, and a variety of brushes. Spend time painting pictures for each other of just about anything you want. Or, if you'd like some painting inspo, follow along with a Bob Ross class on YouTube.


Pamper Yourselves While Wearing Bathrobes

If you and your partner enjoy using self-care products, some great at-home Valentine's Day ideas include cozying up in luxe bathrobes while pampering yourselves. This whipped body butter ($40, Agrestal Beauty) will certainly add to a spa-like experience.


Create A Home Bistro And Take Pics

Create your own bistro right at home. You and bae can decorate your table with a checkered tablecloth, soy candles, and fancy cutlery. Put on chic attire to make it feel like you're out on the town, and be sure to snap some pictures for Instagram.


Have A Virtual Game Night With Another Couple

Your couple friends are also probably trying to think of what to do on Valentine's Day at home. So, team up with them for a virtual night of games, giggles, and good vibes. Invite them to join you on FaceTime or Zoom, then catch up on life before diving into virtual games like We're Not Really Strangers Card Game ($30, Urban Outfitters).


Write Down Your Dreams For The Future

You and your SO might talk about the future a lot. You may have done the dream trend on TikTok, too, to see if your dreams for the future align. Now, it's time to manifest them by grabbing a jar and some slips of paper, and writing each dream down. You can add or draw pictures, too, if you really want to get specific about the type of house or car you hope to have. Check back in on the jar next Valentine's Day to see how your dreams are playing out.


Try A New Recipe

Preparing new recipes with your partner can be one of the best at-home Valentine’s Day ideas. On Valentine's Day, grab a versatile pan ($145, Our Place) and a cookbook with plenty of recipes for two people, and whip one up for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Once everything is ready, enjoy your new dish on a picnic setup in the living room.


Host A One-On-One Bake Off

A romantic idea for Valentine’s Day at home that incorporates a little friendly competition is to have a bake off in the kitchen. Using the same box brownie mix, have an assortment of candies and mix-ins that you and your partner can add to your brownies. You’ll also want to include decorations like Fancy Sprinkles ($12), colorful icing, and even heart-shaped cookie cutters to make the best brownies for your bae. No matter whose brownies win, you’ll both have something delicious to eat while having fun in the kitchen together.


Craft Your Own Signature Cocktails


Toast to another Valentine’s Day together with your favorite person by creating your own signature cocktail. You can always find some Valentine’s Day drink recipes on TikTok to try, or if you’re feeling experimental, try mixing your own. Add things like edible glitter and cotton candy to really make your couple drink special, and don’t forget to name it.


Pick Out Your Date Night Outfits For Each Other

Although you’re staying in, that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up. Go into your partner’s closet, and pick out an outfit you’d like to see them wear. They’ll do the same for you. Once you’re dressed up, you can have a runway fashion show for each other or set up a camera and shoot some cute photos around the house using your self-timer.

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