Your April Monthly Horoscope Predicts A Whirlwind Of Change

Let the chips fall where they may.

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The fire of Aries season is raging this month and it’s got you sizzling with desire. Let go of your inhibitions and harness the power that’s burning inside you, because this cardinal fire sign does not hold back. Let go of the worry that you’re moving too fast, because Aries thrives when it feels unstoppable. Embrace your April 2022 monthly horoscope, because it wants you to take advantage of everything this cardinal fire sign has to offer.

As a new moon in Aries replenishes the sky on April 1, this month is clearly off to a dynamic start. This new moon is about going for the goal and overcoming your fear of failure. Instead of overthinking every little thing, let the power of your will drive you toward success. However, as the sun joins forces with Chiron — the wounded healer — you might feel *extra* sensitive to criticism. Remember — even the greatest legends in history made mistakes along the way. And what makes a legend so legendary is the fact that they never gave up.

You might run into a few speed bumps and dead ends by April 4. This is when Mars — planet of drive — will slam into the rigid confinement of Saturn — planet of restriction — which could slow down your movement until it might feel like you’re not moving at all. While you may be stopping before you’re even starting, this alignment between the two malefic planets of astrology could lead to something incredible down the line. Let the promise of delayed gratification guide you when the going gets tough.

Luckily, all that struggle will feel worth it by April 12. As Jupiter — planet of adventure and expansion — joins forces with Neptune — planet of imagination and empathy — in spiritual and open-hearted Pisces, it could evoke a major artistic breakthrough. An era of creation and compassion is just beginning, so don’t just dip your toes into a fantasy world; jump right into the deep end, because the water’s just fine. As a full moon in balanced, beautiful, and partnership-oriented Libra dances through the sky on April 16, it will even bring clarity and healing to your relationships. Embrace the romance and the love you know you deserve.

The sun enters grounded and gorgeous Taurus on April 19, reminding you that every ship needs to release its anchor eventually. Feel the earth beneath your feet, connect with your surroundings, and embrace the stability you need in order to grows strong and thrive. However, this year, Taurus season may feel anything *but* predictable. As a solar eclipse in Taurus cracks through the cosmos on April 30, it could drive you toward something that seems just as unexpected as it does life-altering. Eclipse season is returning once again, bringing you to the brink of change and pushing you toward your ultimate destiny. Embrace what the universe has in store for you.

Here’s what the astrology of April could mean for you, based on your sun and/or rising sign:

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You’re getting to know yourself on so many different levels this month. As you embrace your authentic self, you’re learning how to align the polarities within you. Bridge the gap between your spirituality with your ego. Connect the dots between your mind and your heart. As discover the untapped aspects of who you are, you’ll gain a better understanding of what you *need*. The universe is showing you what you can’t survive without and what you must create.


You’ve buried so many secrets deep within your psyche, but the longer you leave them there, the harder it becomes to understand why you feel so heavy within. Dive into introspection and come to terms with what’s been plaguing you. Let it all out and embrace therapy, because you deserve a clean slate. Bleach out the stains in your life and start fresh, because the universe has something wild planned for your future. Stay tuned to find out what chapter is beginning next.


This month, you’re remembering how much you love others. Although it’s easy for your fear of never fitting in with others to eventually become resentment, you’re realizing that there’s power in being the odd person out. In fact, the way you’ve experienced rejection puts you in a beautiful position to help others when they, too, feel shunned. Tap into your power to make this world a better place, because you’re gaining a reputation that’s based on love and leadership.


Your professional dreams are coming into focus this month. You may be realizing just how much you *want* something, forcing you to take action toward whatever that may be. Let go of your fears that you’ll never be good enough, because you’ll never know what you’re made of unless you try. And chances are, you’ll get even more out of the experience if you make mistakes along the way, because it’s through difficult moments that your skin begins to thicken.

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You’re expanding your horizons this month and remembering not only to see the glass as half full, but always capable of being refilled. Find ways to refill your own cup, because you can’t expect anyone else to do it for you. And as you rediscover how to fulfill your own emotional needs, you may reach a level of self-respect that helps you accomplish *anything*. Trust in your destiny. Let the universe show you what path you’re meant to be embarking on right now.


You’re learning how to sink without swimming this month. When you care about something, it pulls you in and ensnares your heart. However, if you don’t respect your limits, there’s no telling what could happen when other people follow suit. Embrace the love and connection you’ve been craving, but remember, you don’t need anyone to complete you. Embrace the fact that you’re more than enough as you are and everything else is simply a bright red cherry on top.


Your relationships are evolving this month, so pay attention to how you feel about the people in your life. Chances are, there’s a wound that needs healing, so embrace empathy as you see from someone else’s perspective without invalidating your own. Even though you feel much more company when the energy is light and harmonious, you’re learning how to stand up to yourself. Your self-respect is worth making a scene, so don’t be afraid to ruffle feathers.


This month is all about getting prepared for the rollercoaster ride that’s yet to come. You’re on the verge of something *big*, so use this time to get all your ducks in a row. Get organized, redefine your priorities, and build habits that bring you to peak performance. By the end of the month, you may notice that chance is rippling throughout your relationships. Whether you’re embracing a deeper love or a stronger friendship, you’re also becoming a better partner in the process.

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You’re tapping into your creative powers this month. Embrace the part of you that feels courageous enough to stand out, because you’re tired of hanging out on the sidelines watching others do what makes them happy. Heal your heart through creativity, because it’s the most healing thing of all. Give yourself the patience, compassion, and comfort you require in order to become the person you were always meant to be. Remember — flowers need gentle nourishment in order to blossom.


You’re learning what makes home actually *feel* like home. One person’s paradise can feel like another person’s hell, so don’t let anyone tell you what you need in order to feel whole. You can’t control where you come from, but you *can* control where you decide to build a new nest. Lay down roots that are strong enough to support you, because your talent requires stability in order to shine as bright as it possibly can. Feel the earth beneath your feet before you decide to jump.


You’re embracing your intelligence and cleverness this month, so spend time learning, studying, and asking questions. In fact, you may finally feel ready to open up about something that’s been difficult for you to talk about. Heal your voice, because you’ve been silencing yourself for too long. Trust that when you jump, the universe will always find a way to catch you. There are lucky reinforcements popping up wherever you go, so go forth without hesitation.


This month, you’re learning how to work hard *and* play hard. As the month begins, you may be in the mood to set smart financial goals and make savvy decisions that could pay off later. Strengthen your safety net, because you have too much going on to be worrying about what could go wrong next. Embrace the fact that good things *can* happen and they’re definitely happening to you. This could be one of the most beautiful months of your entire year, so make the best of it.