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12 Valentine's Day Dates To Go On, Based On Your Favorite Rom-Com

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The movies have set the standards pretty high for dating. But in return, they've also given you relationship inspiration and Valentine's Day date ideas, so you owe them a well-deserved "thank you." Without movies like The Proposal, you might not have thought to take your SO on an overnighter in your hometown. 500 Days Of Summer may have inspired a romantic Ikea trip, and Say Anything is known for its "boombox on the shoulder" scene which you've probably recreated on the reg.

Not to mention, on multiple occasions, you and your love have cuddled up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and turned on these rom-coms for a cozy and chill night. You may have skipped out on meeting up with your besties at the bar just to see Jennifer Gardner and Mark Ruffalo fall in love in 13 Going on 30. Certain scenes and plot lines will never get old — even if you've seen these kinds of movies over and over again. And you'll forever love quoting Steve Carell's lines in Crazy, Stupid, Love along with your SO.

This Feb. 14, though, take your love for rom-coms and your relationship to the next level. Combine them by going on a date that's totally unique and inspired by your go-to movie. Here's the Valentine's Day date you should go on, in case you weren't sure where to start.

If You Love 'To All The Boys I've Loved Before,' Rent An Airbnb With A Hot Tub

There's something undeniably adorable and relatable about To All the Boys I've Loved Before. Whether or not you and your SO got together by accident, though, in an elaborate high school scheme, you're going to want to rent an Airbnb with a hot tub for Valentine's Day. If it's in a romantic ski destination? Even better.

If You Love 'The Proposal,' Go On A Cozy Hometown Date

Hometown dates are just as much fun as Bachelor Nation and The Proposal make them out to be. It gives your SO a chance to experience where you grew up, see your favorite diner — and vice versa. On Feb. 14, venture to one of your hometowns for a day of exploring and nostalgia. You won't regret it.

If You Love 'Friends With Benefits," Hang Out In Times Square

If you and your SO started out as friends, or love watching the rom-com Friends with Benefits, then look no further than spending Valentine's Day in NYC. Around Times Square there's so much to do and see, and you'll want to document the sights and your love story amongst the glittering skyscrapers. No promises there'll be a flash mob. But hey, you never know.

If You Love 'La La Land,' Go To A Jazz Club
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Passion reaches a new level in La La Land as a young couple navigates their love and lifelong dreams. You see them dance under a California sunset and listen to jazz music in intimate clubs. Take your SO to a jazz club on the West Coast to bring your Valentine's Day to new and romantic heights, too.

If You Love 'Always Be My Maybe," Dress Up And Have A Fancy Dinner

There are no guarantees that Keanu Reeves will show up at your Valentine's Day dinner. If you love Always Be My Maybe, though, you should get dressed up with bae and go to a trendy restaurant. Order the tasty appetizers on the menu and talk about where your relationship started. If this movie has a message it's that the roots of love may have been planted all along.

If You Love 'No Strings Attached," Go Out For Breakfast

No Strings Attached really tugs on your heartstrings, huh? It's understandable. This movie is a rollercoaster of emotions from the first scene to the last. At least it ends (Spoiler alert!) with a lot of breakfast food and snuggling. TBH, that's likely the best way for you and your SO to spend your Valentine's Day. Eggs, bacon, and blankets, please.

If You Love 'Love, Simon,' Go To An Amusement Park
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There's a special spot in your heart for Love, Simon. This movie makes you feel all the feels, and desperately want to jump into the screen and hug Nick Robinson, who plays Simon. Like most rom-coms, it thankfully ends on a happy note and a sweet kiss. Share a sweet kiss or moment with the person you love at an amusement park this Valentine's Day, while also riding a Ferris wheel.

If You Love '50 First Dates,' Recreate Your First Date

When it comes to picking your favorite rom-com, you may choose 50 First Dates. It's a classic and brings you back to the first date you had with your SO. On Feb. 14, recreate the date you went on by heading to the same pizza restaurant or tuning into the same movie. It'll be as romantic and wonderful as ever.

If You Love 'Love & Basketball,' Go To A Sporting Event

It's only fair that you and your SO go to a sporting event for Valentine's Day if this is your favorite rom-com. Together, you can cheer on a specific team while wearing jerseys. Afterwards, you can even compete in your own one-on-one game for each other's hearts.

If You Love 'Set It Up,' Order Pizza And Chill

Millennials have a lot going on in their lives, and Set It Up is the perfect story of two 20-somethings trying to figure the "real world" out. Of course, there's chessy pizza involved and lots of flirty convos. Initiate those convos with your SO this Feb. 14 by ordering a pie and straight-up chilling in your apartment.

If You Love 'Someone Great,' Attend A Valentine's Day Party

Whether you're spending Valentine's Day with your SO or your besties, you're in the company of someone great. (See what I did there?) You have so much to celebrate, and should attend a chic Valentine's Day party with your people in the spirit of love and life. Who knows what's to come, so enjoy here and now.

If You Love 'Crazy, Stupid, Love," Go On A Shopping Spree

You and your SO love each other just the way you are. But Feb. 14 is a day to treat yourselves to the finer things in life. So, like Ryan Gosling and Steve Carell in Crazy, Stupid, Love, go to the mall and make over your closets. Purchase the items you've had your eye on in the name of love.