A couple shares a romantic moment in Brooklyn on Valentine's Day.

The Best Cities For Valentine's Day In The U.S. Are Sweet & Budget-Friendly


What are you up to for Valentine's Day this year? Does your love have plans to take you out in the city or treat you to a couple's massage? Whatever the case may be, you should consider where you're going to spend the holiday — where you can get the most bang for your buck. Lucky for you, WalletHub's 2020 best places for Valentine's Day are here, and they're as romantic, affordable, and dreamy as ever.

This holiday isn't always budget-friendly. Treating your SO can really add up — especially if you opt to get a dozen roses, instead of just one or two, or purchase a hotel package for Feb. 14 that's loaded with lovey-dovey amenities. Jewerly, greeting cards, and fancy dinners at the trendiest restaurants don't necessarily have your money goals in mind, either. However, every swipe of your credit card likely feels worth it, because your partner deserves the world.

You're head over heels in love, and the experiences you have with your boo are pretty priceless. They've given you inside jokes and tons of memories that you wouldn't trade for the world. This year, though, for the most romantic holiday, find a good balance between your finances and festivities. Spend Valentine's Day in one of WalletHub's choice spots for 2020 and have an amazing time.


WalletHub, the personal finance website, compared 100 of the largest U.S. cities and rated them across 26 key metrics to find out, according to the study. They found which cities are made for romantic dates and budget-friendly festivities, and overall will treat couples to the best Valentine's Day.

These 10 reigning cities, in top to bottom order, include: San Francisco, California; New York, New York; San Diego, California; Honolulu, Hawaii; Las Vegas, Nevada; Seattle, Washington; Orlando, Florida; Portland, Oregon; Scottsdale, Arizona; and Chicago, Illinois. Each comes with its own perks and downfalls, such as having the best activities, accessibility to quality gifts, or weather on the day of. They're quickly followed by the cities of: Los Angeles, California; Washington D.C.; and Atlanta, Georgia.

If you're based on the West Coast or are willing to travel to the land of the Golden Gate Bridge and Full House house for Valentine's Day, then you can expect to find a chocolate shop with ease. San Francisco, who took the cake in WalletHub's study, has the most chocolate shops per capita out of the 100 cities — along with New York City, amongst others. You can definitely pick up some truffles to split with bae on your way to dinner or a sweet trolley ride. Although it ranked seventh in the "budget" rank, San Fran is number two for Valentine's Day activities.

A couple who spends Valentine's Day here won't be bored. They'll have a range of things to choose from, from visiting iconic sights to sliding into a cozy booth at a hotel restaurant and enjoying a delicious meal. They can go dancing or share a kiss under the California night sky.


Of course, if you're based on the East Coast, then you won't be bored on Valentine's Day, either. New York City is the destination for this romantic holiday. It has the highest rank in activities and gift accessibility, and the most jewelry stores per capita next to Los Angeles and Miami. So if you want to pick up something sparkly for your SO, you can.

In addition, you can't roam many of the bustling streets without running into a florist or smelling fresh chocolate coming out of a store. Just take note: Your bank account might take a hit after grabbing tickets to a #lit party. (New York City ranked 25th in average Valentine's Day party ticket price.) But all in all, your night will be pretty affordable, dreamy, and romantic, according to WalletHub. Did someone say, "Yes, please?"