10 Texts Every Girl Has Inevitably Sent Her BFF About The Guy She's Crushing On

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Every girl has either been the BFF who's crushing on a new guy, or the one who's listening to all of the juicy details about her main girl's potentially new flame. It's sort of what you sign up for when you become best friends forever.

Crushing on someone is an exciting new feeling you want to immediately dissect.

Women are very good at breaking down the parts of any crush or relationship. It's just what we do.

If your BFF is crushing on someone, you know it's critical to be ready for the sporadic texts every time new info about the lucky guy is uncovered, or helping her ease her anxiety over the situation.

These texts from your BFF about her crush will range from A to Z, but you inevitably have her covered with support and positive reinforcement.

1. "Do you think he even likes me?"

Even if you haven't met the person yet, she'll undoubtedly drop this question. This is around the time she'll explain every interaction the two of them have had.

It's up to you to use that information, and miraculously decide if he's interested in her.

2. "This is what his last GF looks like [enter screenshot]."

The picture's on a public Facebook page, OK? Women literally become little detectives when they want some imperative backup information on the beau they have their eyes on.

3. "I think we'd look super cute together, right?"

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Leave it to her vivid imagination to run wild when a crush is constantly on her mind. There's nothing wrong with envisioning the unforeseeable future, am I right?

4. "I wonder what his zodiac sign is."

Look, your BFF and her crush may not be some Romeo and Juliet love story, but you can't blame her for searching for answers in the stars.

5. "Why is he so damn hot?"

Be ready to know everything about the qualities that are extremely attractive to her. Plus, hearing the dirty details helps ease a lot of your initial curiosities about this new flame, too.

6. "He's way cuter than [enter ex's name]."

Yes, comparing a new bae to an ex naturally happens.

Just like she may compare herself to his ex, she's comparing him to her ex-boyfriend, too.

7. "Should I text him first, or nah?"

For the most emotionless form of communication, texts are a big deal when it comes to talking to a crush. Again, as her BFF, you have to calculate and read into everything with her.

8. Anything recovered from his Facebook page.

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Public pages are up for grabs when it comes to gathering info on a potential dating candidate. Your BFF will make good use of anything she can get her hands on and discuss it with you.

9. "SOS: What should I say if he texts back?"

... And we're back to the emotionally, emotionless communication, yet again. It's go-time, though, and everything has to flow perfectly, even down to the mischievous emoji.

10. "I'm telling you, this one is totally different."

Call it a gal's intuition, but she'll express all those little feelings pulling at her heartstrings. And even if you've heard it before, you'll still talk her through it. You're that voice of reason she appreciates endlessly.

When your BFF is crushing on someone, you're just as involved in the process as she is. You want to see her happy, so you'll tag along for the ride.