The 6 Foolproof Ways To Finally Get Your Crush To Notice You

by Anjali Sareen Nowakowski
Guille Faingold

You know you and your crush are meant to be, but you're not exactly sure if he's on the same page.

You also need to make sure he even knows who you are. That'd be a good start.

Before I married my husband, we were students at the same high school but barely spoke two words to each other. Several years later (a total of 12, to be exact), I saw him while perusing Bumble and gave his profile the good 'ol swipe to the right.

The entirety of our first date was spent wondering if it was an actual date or if it was just a meet-up with an old friend.

I did know that I had a serious crush on him.

After just a few carefully-planned outings and some majorly sexy texts (where I most definitely got his attention), we were married just 8 weeks later.

It was as soon as I saw him again as an adult that I knew I wanted him. I just made sure he noticed me in the exact way I noticed him.

If there's a crush in your life, who you hopefully cross paths with regularly, it's important not to waste any time. Whether he's that CrossFit hottie you see at the gym or that shy guy who passes your desk at the office (when you know he's just taking the long route), stop waiting around for him to approach you.

Take some initiative, girl.

If you want to be actual lovers, make sure he knows you're alive. Happily ever after will be just around the corner after utilizing these 6 foolproof ways to finally get your crush to notice you.

1. Don't pretend to be someone you're not.

Sometimes, I'll sit down to watch a sports game with my husband, providing minimal contribution aside from references to "throwing" and "winning points." I don't know much about (any) sports, which I made sure to tell him right while we were dating. I didn't pretend to be into 'em for his sake.

Instead, I shared with him the things that I really enjoyed, like traveling and writing.

If I had pretended to like sports, I would have just sounded dumb, and my husband would have wondered why I was being so fake. By being myself, he got to learn all of the things that truly fascinated me and got to know who I was.

Your crush will know as soon as you open your mouth whether you are truly passionate about what you're saying or whether you are just putting on an act.

There's no need to make stuff up if you actually find you two have nothing in common at all.

Just be yourself and allow him to get to know the real you.

2. Make an effort to step outside your comfort zone.

Maybe your normal style when it comes to dating is to sit back, sip some coffee, and wait for everything to fall into your lap.

If that's worked in the past for you, congratulations: You're what everyone aspires to be. For most, however, twiddling our thumbs while we wait for life to happen, instead of putting ourselves out there, just isn't that effective for getting what we want.

If you want your crush to notice you, don't sit on the sidelines. Step outside your comfort zone by creating the opportunity for interaction.

If you've overheard him in conversation with mention of Game Of Thrones, don't be afraid to watch an episode and talk to him about it. If he's a sports enthusiast, like my husband, ask him out to a sporting event even though you're not an expert on athletics.

Even if you're someone who likes to follow a strict routine, it's OK to veer off that set path every once in a while.

The key is to explore opportunities and moments you otherwise wouldn't. You'll get to know him a little better through his interests, and you'll have more to chat about when you finally do start talking.

3. Don't wait for him to come to you.

If you've created opportunities for your crush to interact with you with no success, it's best to strike first and spark conversation.

Yes, I am suggesting that one way to get your crush to notice you is to walk over and start an actual, live conversation. Who woulda thought?

The idea of a man seeing you across a room and realizing he'd rather die than be without you is great, but not very realistic. In that scenario, you're just waiting around for him to come to you.

Not anymore.

By just waiting for your dude, you're giving up opportunities to build self-confidence and push past the fear of rejection. Maybe the conversation won't be perfect, but at least it will have happened. Create the moment to be seized for yourself.

If you are interested in something, be it a degree, a job, or that really cute personal trainer from your gym, you should always go after it with full force.

4. Show him how much you're crushing it at life.

There's nothing hotter than a girl that's in control of her own life. Whether you get that flow from successful workouts at the gym or killing a presentation at work, skill, talent and confidence are sexy as hell.

Let your crush take this all in. It's OK to show off a little.

Just because you're into someone doesn't mean you should make every moment about them. Allow your life to still be focused on you.

Don't allow your gym routine to be about following that guy from weight machine to weight machine. Don't spend your lunch finding reasons to walk by your crush's office, praying he looks up as you go past. Be aware of him, but don't make it all about him.

Continue doing you, being comfortable and happy in your own skin, and he'll be sure to notice you just the same.

5. Act like a grownup.

After your crush sends you a text, your instinct is to wait until three Tuesdays from then to respond. It's best to make him sweat, right?

Probably not.

You're at a point in your life where playing games around communication is juvenile. There's no need to delay this any longer.

You've been pining after this guy: If you like him, text him back! It's as simple as that.

After all, don't you hate it when you text someone and don't hear back until days later? You always wonder if they're actually busy or just playing the waiting game, similar to your original thought process.

Be sincere and upfront. You'll appreciate setting the precedent of genuine conversation in hopes that it'll blossom into something sooner rather than... well, never.

6. Don't let your nerves overshadow your personality.

It's natural to feel excited when in the presence of a crush, but don't allow that feeling to throw you off your game.

If your goal is to get your crush to notice you, giving into the nervous energy will take away from your real personality and leave you stumbling over your words.

A guy will be attracted to that natural self-confidence that comes from not trying too hard. Don't start to flounder about, doing things impulsively while he's around without thinking them through. Just breathe, show those pearly whites, and act as you would in front of any other average Joe.

If it's a good fit, he'll notice you and respond to your signals. If it's ultimately not a match, there's no need to make him the center of your world if you could be on the hunt for a crush who is a much better fit!

These few tips will provide you with that little suggestive nudge in the right direction.

It's up to you to actually seal the deal.