This New Site Will Figure Out Your Date's Texts So You Don't Have To

Jovo Jovanovic

Navigating the murky waters of online dating is never without its challenges, but WittyThumbs wants to make the process a bit more tolerable for those looking for love in the digital age.

Personally, I never quite grasped online dating, yet my best friend, her sister, my cousins, my co-workers, and my former J-school peers all managed to find lasting relationships (and marriage) online.

I, however, had trouble decoding OKCupid messages and photo comments. Trying to figure out the meaning behind everyone's messages kind of resembles something out of Inception.

It was a dream — more like a nightmare, actually — I had to escape.

For those experiencing similar conundrums and don't know what exactly their date is trying to say via online messages, WittyThumbs has your back. Think of it as the RapGenius for dating conversations (according to TechCrunch).

The site launches today and aims to act as a third-party guide to conversations. In the past, my third party happened to be my mother, aunt, and grandmother, all of whom had very strong opinions. Be grateful WittyThumbs is here to substitute for your highly opinionated family.


This more objective approach than asking your granny anything dating related allows users to upload photos anonymously — any identifying feature is blurred out — and the site's users break down the messages. All confused S.O. seekers have to do is take a screenshot and send it on its way.

The site prides itself on being "the friend you go to and ask 'What should I respond?'" There are 15 experts located nationwide ready to decode your most dumbfounding conversations.

According to TechCrunch, there is also a premium option that allows users to instantly chat with someone for one-on-one feedback at $1 per minute (with a $30 minimum).

This is the first product from Hermes, a YC-based startup founded by Liron Shapira and Lior Gotesman, plans to unroll new features for its product line in the future.

So, in your opinion, who sounds more appealing for advice: WittyThumbs, or your granny who asks if that dress you're wearing is your PJs? Thank goodness I live alone now.

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