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Reality Check

Feminine Energy Went TikTok Viral. What’s It Got To Do With Dating?

Two Elite Daily staffers debunk the popular advice.

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Your July Horoscope Is Transformative

It's giving growth.

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Sooo, Raven-Symoné Can *Actually* Gaze Into The Future IRL

“I believe in psychics, puns f*king intended.”

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The Rare August Supermoon's Spiritual Meaning Is Innovative

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A Celebrity Psychic Helped Me Make Sense Of My Love Life

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Your Ninth House In Astrology Determines Your Sense Of Adventure

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116 Haunting Taylor Swift Lyrics That’ll Keep You Up Through All Your *Midnights*

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An Aura Reader Says Harry & Meghan Are Actually Healing Each Other

“Sometimes, the people we choose are the ones who help us achieve what we need.”

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Here’s What Happened When I Got A Reading From A Psychic Medium

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There's 1 Symbol In Your Birth Chart That Can Explain Your Most Fated Connections

If you’ve ever wondered why a relationship felt karmic, two letters can help explain why.

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