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Vision Stare

Sooo, Raven-Symoné Can *Actually* Gaze Into The Future IRL

“I believe in psychics, puns f*king intended.”

By Adrianne Reece
Feeling Seen

The Rare August Supermoon's Spiritual Meaning Is Innovative

It’s time to get weird.

By Chelsea Jackson

What Is A Black Moon? The Spiritual Meaning Is Seriously Beautiful

Here’s what you need to know before the big astrological event on May 19.

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Lunar Lovin'

How To Use Each Phase Of The Moon To Lead A Smarter Life

It's easy to crave the moon's attention.

By Lauren Martin, Roya Backlund and Valerie Mesa

A Celebrity Psychic Helped Me Make Sense Of My Love Life

The experience wasn’t at all what I expected.

By Sarah Ellis

Your Ninth House In Astrology Determines Your Sense Of Adventure

The “house of spirituality” will challenge you to have new experiences.

By Mackenzie Sylvester

116 Haunting Taylor Swift Lyrics That’ll Keep You Up Through All Your *Midnights*

The old Taylor can’t come to the phone — she’s getting spooky.

By Rachel Chapman and Olivia Cigliano

An Aura Reader Says Harry & Meghan Are Actually Healing Each Other

“Sometimes, the people we choose are the ones who help us achieve what we need.”

By Rachel Khona

6 Crystals To Attract Love & Romance

Plus, they’re stunning to look at.

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Here’s What Happened When I Got A Reading From A Psychic Medium

It was definitely not what I expected.

By Andrea Hannah

There's 1 Symbol In Your Birth Chart That Can Explain Your Most Fated Connections

If you’ve ever wondered why a relationship felt karmic, two letters can help explain why.

By Chelsea Jackson

No Cap, I’m Living For This Airbnb Inspired By Disney's Haunted Mansion

Influencers think it’s a ghoulish delight.

By Rachel Chapman

Use These 16 Crystals To Banish Bad Breakup Vibes And Get Your Mojo Back

Rhodonite is seriously ✨magical✨.

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How To Use The Power Of A New Moon To Right Your Wrongs From Last Month

It’s just the beginning.

By Roya Backlund

7 Crystals To Use If You Want More Energy In Your Life

Maybe you *don’t* need that extra shot of espresso.

By Georgina Berbari and Roya Backlund

6 Crystals To Keep Close After A Breakup For Good Juju

By Griffin Wynne