The 'You' Season 4 soundtrack is full of songs from Cardi B, Vampire Weekend, and more.

Let You’s Season 4 Soundtrack Usher In Your Anti-Hero Era

The perfect playlist for your moodiest midnights.

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Joe Goldberg may not come off as a big pop or party music kind of guy, but his new group of frenemies sure do. In Season 4 of You, Joe fell in with an obnoxious new crowd of rich narcissists, which led him to several over-the-top ragers. Because of this dichotomy between Joe’s bookish, brooding personality and the wild, drug-fueled parties around him, the You Season 4 soundtrack is filled with unexpected variety, as songs ping-pong between pulsating electronica and moody ballads.

Obviously, Joe needed the perfect playlist to stalk around London in his most twisted murder mystery yet, and he got it. The referential music cues start right out of the gate, as Season 4 opens with Joe introducing his new literature professor persona Jonathan Moore to the tune of Vampire Weekend’s 2008 hit “Oxford Comma” — the perfect song for any book-loving grammar nerd. But the standout track in the premiere is Cardi B’s “I Like It,” which was included as a fun shoutout to You superfan Cardi B’s online friendship with star Penn Badgley.

The references to real life don’t stop there. The series also gave a musical shoutout to Badgley’s other social media bestie Taylor Swift by scoring one of the last scenes of the season with her single “Anti-Hero.” The moment came a few months after Badgley used the Midnights track in his first TikTok, which prompted Swift to leave a supportive comment.

Check out the full You Season 4 soundtrack track list below.


Episode 1

  • “Oxford Comma” - Vampire Weekend
  • “Strangers” - Roosevelt
  • “The Kids Are All Dying” - Finneas
  • “Vacation” - Travelle
  • “Heads Will Roll” - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • “I Like It” - Cardi B, Bad Bunny, and J Balvin
  • “Killer” - Valerie Broussard

Episode 2

  • “Emergency” - Sofi Tukker, Novak, and Yax.X

Episode 3

  • “Can’t Stop the Stars” - Jungle

Episode 4

  • “Hollow” - Saavan
  • “Love Is a Bitch” - Two Feet
  • “Dancing With Myself” - Billy Idol
  • “Heart of Glass” - Blondie

Episode 5

  • “Dangerous” - Big Data feat. Joywave

Episode 6

  • “Move Into Me” - Bad Sounds feat. BROODS
  • “Thrills and Chills” - Helene Smith

Episode 8

  • “Bells in Santa Fe” - Halsey

Episode 9

  • “Love Potion No. 9” - The Searchers
  • “It’s the Same Old Song” - Four Tops
  • “Trampoline” - Shaed and Zayn

Episode 10

  • “Bodysnatchers” - Radiohead
  • “Anti-Hero” - Taylor Swift

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