Justin Hartley as Kevin, Mandy Moore as Rebecca in This Is Us

Kevin's Secret Sleepover May Be The Juiciest This Is Us Mystery Yet

The drama.

by Ani Bundel
Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Ever since This Is Us revealed Kevin’s wedding ring in the flash-forward to Rebecca’s deathbed, the theories have circulated about who the lucky lady would be. Kevin has been an emotional wrecking ball in human form for the entire series; waiting to see him settle down has been one of the most anticipated reveals in This Is Us’ history. The turning point in his love life looks to come just before Kate and Phillip’s marriage. So, who was Kevin with the night before Kate's wedding? Let’s dive into The Mysterious Affair of Kevin Pearson.

Warning: Spoilers for This Is Us Season 6, Episode 13 follow. The clues that Kevin was with somebody the night before (or morning of) Kate’s wedding have been evident since the Season 5 finale. Fans noticed then the bra over the back of the chair and the floral wrap next to it. Madison was considered a key suspect at the time — perhaps their canceled nuptials had led to a later reconciliation? Considering how playful they seemed together and the children they shared, it seemed a possibility.

But fans now know that’s not what happened. Madison is happily married to Elijah, and they have a nine-month-old baby together. Instead, the wedding’s guest list holds at least two other possibilities, and there’s yet another one on the day’s entertainment roster.

Let’s look at the suspects for who could have been hanging out (and undressing?) in Kevin’s room.

1. Cassidy

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Cassidy has been one of the leading contenders for the title of Mrs. Kevin Pearson since she showed up at the beginning of Season 4. That episode introduced three people who would be super important to the Pearson clan: Deja’s first love Malik, Kate’s son Jack, and Cassidy, who is currently... the forewoman for Kevin’s company, Big Three Homes.

But fans think there’s more there. And they may be right, especially judging by the end of the episode, which showed a flashback of her going into Kevin’s room with a dress to get changed and the whispered conversation in the elevator which confirmed the wrap belonged to her.

2. Sophie

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The former Mrs. Kevin Pearson coming back for a second chance at love has been a popular theory since Season 1, when she and Kevin made another run at a relationship. Their two decades later, Bennifer-style reunion didn’t last, but fans have held a torch for these two kids ever since. Add in Kevin going to Sophie’s mother’s funeral, and it seems like they could fall back into each other’s arms at any time.

Even Cassidy seems to think it’s a possibility, since she told Kevin he was chasing the wrong blonde on the wrong coast earlier this season. This Is Us has only added fuel to the fire by having Kate and Sophie make amends all those years after Kate backed Kevin during the divorce. Sophie turned up solo at the engagement party and the wedding, and it appears she and Kevin had a long heart to heart the night before Kate married. Add the longing glance back at Kevin as he escorted Rebecca back to her room, and some fans are sure these two are going to be saying, “I do” again.

3. The Wedding Singer

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I’m sorry, whomst?

It was always a possibility Kevin wouldn’t marry anyone of long acquaintance, no matter how much fans wanted him to. Springing a last-minute surprise character as Kevin’s true love also fits with Justin Hartley’s warning in March 2022 that fans might not like who he winds up with. Sometimes you marry the person you’ve been best friends with since you were a teenager. And sometimes, you marry the cute and funny airplane stewardess a few months after you meet on the flight home after finally putting away the 50-year torch you’ve been carrying.

Since Nicky got the latter ending, it seemed less likely that Kevin would also go from meet-cute to married in the space of a commercial break. But as Madison and Beth observed, it’s “always the wedding singer.” The two met at the bar, which is where the napkin probably came from. And at the reception, she pulled him aside to have the “about last night” convo. Also, she’s a singer; writing poems on napkins feels like something she’d be far more likely to do than Cassidy or Sophie.

She’s also unlike his other choices — not an actor, not tall or willowy or blonde. She’s like his sister and his mother, a singer who may never make it big-time but loves music so much she’s found a way to make a living at it anyway. How perfect would that be, that in the end, Kevin wound up with someone who fits best with the people he loves most?

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