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'This Is Us' Fans Are All Asking 1 Big Question About Madison

by Ani Bundel

After months of speculation over who Kevin ultimately gets married to on This Is Us, "A Hell of A Week, Part 2" seemed to bring clarity. Those who hoped Kevin and Sophie would get back together for another go had their hopes dashed. Those who were cheering for a Madison-Kevin relationship were given hope. But will this relationship get off the ground? Or will fate intervene? Fans are left wondering, is Madison pregnant? That will certainly change both of their tunes on where this night together leads. Warning: Spoilers for This Is Us Season 4 follow.

When the show finally returns to Kevin, having woken up after his night with Madison, he's feeling a little guilty. He's not the only one. Despite Madison's joke that they'll have to tell Kate they've fallen in love, she too knows what they did is a betrayal of friendship. In Madison's words, it goes against "girl code" to sleep with your BFF's brother. (Exactly what code Kevin broke in sleeping with his sister's BFF, Madison doesn't say, but Kevin's face says part of him knows he's guilty of having now done it twice.)

Both Madison and Kevin agree they cannot possibly tell Kate, which means they cannot do it again. Unless, of course, it's too late to turn back. Did anyone think to use protection?


Madison doesn't keep up her end of the bargain anyway. After Kevin leaves, the guilt begins to eat at Madison until she can't hold back. She leaves one, two, three messages with Kate. The first message says they need to talk. The second message says Madison's got something too important to say as a message. Finally, the dam bursts in the final call, as Madison apologizes profusely for having slept with Kevin.

It speaks volumes how far Kate's come that the girl who just let Kevin steal away her BFF Sophie when they were kids is far less forgiving now. Also, it's obvious "Kevin slept with Madison" is about to become the butt of jokes between the triplets. (Randall's wicked grin when he finds out is to die for.) Even if Kevin is (technically) now free to date Madison, since Kate knows, it seems like a road he'd be too embarrassed to continue following.

Unless, of course, a baby is on the way. Then this all stops being funny, fast. Because Madison wants to be a mom, and Kevin wants to be a dad. There's no way the two of them won't plow ahead and try to make this work if that happens.