Kevin in This Is Us

'This Is Us' Fans Have A Brand New Theory About Madison & Kevin

by Ani Bundel

The second half of This Is Us Season 4 opened with several mysteries. Why do Kevin and Randall stop speaking? Will Kate and Toby separate? But the biggest secret was who Kevin's fiancée is. All fans know is that she's pregnant nine months after the show's Thanksgiving 2019 episode. Such a whirlwind courtship implied she might be someone Kevin already knew, but who? His ex, Sophie, is engaged to someone else. So what other options are there? Could it be Kate's new BFF? After the most recent episode, fans are left wondering if Madison and Kevin end up together. Warning: Spoilers for This Is Us Season 4 follow.

For some fans, putting Kevin and Madison together seemed a stretch. But there is precedent for it. Sophie was Kate's BFF in school, and Kevin wound up with her as his first wife. Madison is Kate's BBF now, so the pattern tracks. Moreover, like Kevin, Madison knows Hollywood and addictive behavior, so they have similar issues and experiences.

Plus, there was Kate's wedding, where Madison and Kevin were hitting it off, at least, until Zoe distracted Kevin. But Madison is more traditional than Zoe was, she wants a home and kids, just like Kevin does. One of the most important things in relationships is that both partners are in the same place in life looking for similar futures. Right now, with Kevin sober and looking to start a family, he and Madison are on the same page.


Fans were hopeful, going into "A Hell of a Week: Part 2" that Kevin and Sophie might come out the other side back together again, with a third time being the charm. But Sophie's engaged to Grant. Even though she and Kevin head out after the funeral to get away from the crowd, it's obvious she's not here for yet another ride on this carousel. She and Kevin have been friends their whole lives. They know each other better than anyone else.

Like the two of them finally watching the final scene of Good Will Hunting all these years later, theirs is a conversation that's reached the end. Kevin might wish he had one more crack at earning the right to give Sophie her grandmother's ring. But sadly, life doesn't work that way.

Kevin goes home, popping by Kate's on the way in hopes of seeing Baby Jack. Instead, he finds Madison dog sitting, and as contemplative about her life as he is. By the end of the night, she's in his apartment, asleep in his bed. Could this be the first step towards Kevin asking Madison to marry him? Perhaps he's finally found his match.