This Theory About Kevin & Cassidy Has 'This Is Us' Fans Completely Convinced

by Ani Bundel

This Is Us, is, at the heart of it, a love story. It is a love story that spans generations, from Jack Pearson's love of his brother Nicky in the 1940s to the love between Jack Damon and his wife Lucy in the 2040s. This Is Us fans are always looking for the love on the show, whether it's between Beth and Randall or Rebecca and Jack. It is not surprising, then, that viewers are searching for the love connections for the characters introduced in the Season 4 premiere. For instance, do Kevin and Cassidy get married? Though there's no evidence of it yet on screen, the fan theory has taken off. Warning: Spoilers for This Is Us Season 4 follow.

Cassidy Sharp is the first of the three characters introduced in the Season 4 premiere, and the most tenuously connected to the Pearson by the end of the episode. Malik, for instance, has sparks fly with Deja when they meet. The musician turns out to be a Pearson, Kate and Toby's son Jack, all grown up.

But Cassidy's only connection is a passing incident when her first group therapy session at the VA is rudely interrupted by a chair flying through the window. It was tossed by Uncle Nicky, which is perhaps the opposite of a meet-cute that one could find. But Cassidy doesn't ever speak to Nicky, or confront him.

So why are fans convinced this is Kevin's future wife?


Some of this is logic. When Nicky is arrested, the phone call to the "nearly relative" winds up ringing Kevin's phone. Despite Nick's insistence that he doesn't want anything to do with Jack's children, he did list Kevin as his emergency nearest relative. The final scene of the show hones in on Kevin on his laptop, trying to find the earliest, cheapest nonstop flight from California to Pennsylvania. He's also grabbing the opportunity to once again connect with his uncle by riding to the rescue.

Moreover, Cassidy is shown watching Nick get dragged away, suggesting she might look up the old man and find out what his deal is. With actress Jennifer Morrison billed as a "substantial presence" this season, it stands to reason she'll insert herself into the Pearson clan.


But then, too, Cassidy's issues are sympatico to Kevin's. She's a recovering alcoholic. She's someone who cares deeply about family. She's someone who has been through a lot of trauma and is in therapy. (Many of the Twitter guesses last night on her connection to the Pearson clan is that she would meet Kevin in AA.)

And then there's the fact that fans know Kevin will, in the future, have a kid, a beautiful house, and maybe a wife as well. With the promise that these new characters are critical to setting the Pearsons on the eventual path to where they end up, it's only natural fans would assume this is Kevin's next relationship.

After all, This Is Us is all about love. Kevin and Cassidy are both out here looking for that connection. Maybe they'll find it with each other.