Justin Hartley as Kevin in This Is Us

Here Are All The Details 'This Is Us' Fans Know About Future Kevin

by Ani Bundel

This Is Us threw a major spanner into the works with Season 4 when it finally revealed how Kevin and Sophie got married. Viewers always knew it happened relatively early on, but most assumed the answer was "after college" and their divorce followed a few years later. Instead, the series revealed Kevin and Sophie got married freshman year when Kevin was still desperately searching for something to hold onto in the wake of his father's death. But the focus on that has fans asking, does Kevin get married again on This Is Us?

It's a good question. In the future, Kevin has been revealed to own a big house in California, and has a son, who looks to be about 10 or so. Though there's no wife to be seen, fans assume he got married at least for a while, to have the kid. But when? And to who?

Since the reveal of Jack's passing, these forays into the past, like Kevin's first marriage, have changed. Where once they were standalone stories, now they function as commentary on the present. As Randall and Beth struggle to let their daughters grow up, the flashbacks are to Jack and Rebecca when they had to do the same a generation ago. As Deja brings around a boy her parents don't approve of, the flashbacks show when Beth brought around Randall, who her mother was certain was all wrong as well.

And as Kevin tries to support Cassidy in her struggle to face her husband's demand for a divorce, the flashbacks take viewers to... when Kevin got married?

One might argue that since fans already know Kevin and Sophie's marriage is doomed, this flashback to the beginning is merely preamble, leading up to Kevin's divorce mirroring Cassidy's. But This Is Us isn't always so on the nose. Instead, fans are starting to suspect the reason the show is flashing back to Kevin's first marriage is that this is a lead up to his second.

That's not to say that Kevin is marrying Cassidy. At this time, there is little evidence that's going to happen. The two of them have their alcoholism in common and their recovery. But Cassidy wants to stay with her husband. She just doesn't know how. And Kevin's aim right now is not to romance Cassidy, but to help her stay married.


Now, some fans believe that Cassidy is "the one," and she and Kevin will be together by the end of Season 4. But right now it's not looking too likely. Note in this promo picture for Season 4 Episode 5, Kevin is hanging out with Cassidy's husband. That's not the move of a man who's thinking about marrying her.

But there is someone who could be waiting for Kevin once he's ready to worry about his own life instead of Cassidy's: Madison. Kevin wound up hooking up with Zoe after Kate's wedding at the end of Season 2, but Madison was just as taken with him. Some fans haven't forgotten this. Could there be a chance that once Cassidy helps Kevin get his head on straight, he heads back to California and realizes Madison's the one?