Selena Gomez shut down rumors she dated Jack Schlossberg in 2020.

Selena Gomez Responded To Rumors She Dated John F. Kennedy's Grandson

She spilled.

Selena Gomez is getting her love on now with boyfriend Benny Blanco, but before her current romance, there were rumors floating around that the superstar was dating a very well-connected political figure. The direct descendant of a U.S. president, no less. A few years after the speculation, Gomez finally revealed the truth.

On April 11, 2024, a Selena Gomez fanpage on Instagram reposted the rumor that she had a fling with John F. Kennedy’s grandson, Jack Schlossberg, from 2020 to 2021. At the time, Schlossberg had posted a few Instagram Stories excitedly showing off some Gomez merch he’d ordered, and gossip sites began reporting that the two were starting a secret relationship.

But now, Gomez is shedding light on what really happened. “Never met this human sorry,” the singer commented on the Instagram post about the rumor. So there you have it — Gomez was never courting a Kennedy.

Paul Marotta/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The revelation isn’t too surprising given that the rumors arose at a time when there was a ton of wild speculation about Gomez’s love life. After her split from The Weeknd in 2017, Gomez kept things hush-hush on the romantic front. Along with the Schlossberg goss, there was also unconfirmed chatter Gomez was seeing NBA star Jimmy Butler, Chainsmokers frontman Andrew Taggart, Zayn Malik, and Jeremy Allen White in the years between 2020 and 2023.

The constant talk about her love life bugged Gomez during this time. In 2021, when some fans thought she was dating her Only Murders in the Building costar Aaron Dominguez simply because they played love interests on the show, Gomez shared her annoyance over the nonstop dating rumors in a Los Angeles Times interview.

“I honestly thought, ‘No wonder guys don't want to date me!’” Gomez said. “I think people only care because I'm young, and the older I get the less they'll care. For now it's a part of the job that I don't really like.”

It wasn’t until late 2023 that Gomez officially hard-launched a boyfriend, confirming that she had begun dating her previous collaborator Benny Blanco. In the months since, Gomez has been much more vocal about her romance, posting tons of PDA pics and gushing over Blanco in sweet notes, even telling him “I love you” in a recent caption.

As for Schlossberg, he seems to be single at the moment. He previously dated yoga company founder Krissy Jones in 2019. It’s unclear when they broke up, but Jones debuted a new boyfriend in 2021.