Luke from 'Gilmore Girls' shared where each character would be in 2024.

Scott Patterson Has Theories On What The Gilmore Girls Crew Is Doing Now

Good news for Team Jess.

Where those Gilmore girls lead, fans of the show are still following. And while the original series may have come to an end in 2007, the Gilmore Girls love is ever-present — just like Lorelai’s need for coffee. If you have a tradition of revisiting Stars Hollow on Netflix for a marathon-watch each year, you’ve probably thought about where your fave characters would be in 2024. Elite Daily recently ran into Scott Patterson — aka Luke Danes — and he shared where he thinks Lorelai, Jess, and Rory are now.

For starters, Luke and Lorelai are still together. Patterson, who shared his thoughts on the red carpet of the Critics Choice Awards on Jan. 14, says Luke and Lorelai actually have “a couple of kids now.” (!!) “That’s the big surprise,” he says. Of course, anyone who saw the Gilmore Girls reboot in 2016, A Year in the Life, knows it was revealed that Rory was pregnant. So if Luke and Lorelai have kids the same age, that would make for an interesting dynamic of besties who also happen to be aunts or uncles.

In addition to spilling his two cents on Luke and Lorelai, Patterson shares below what he thinks Rory is up to, where Jess landed, and who has taken Babette’s throne as the keeper of all of Stars Hollow’s gossip.

Luke & Lorelai Have Grown Their Family

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Patterson believes Luke and Lorelai have multiple kids together now, “even in their old age,” so it’s safe to assume that our favorite Gilmore Girls couple truly are endgame. He even adds that they “don’t regret” growing their family.

Jess Has Come Back To Stars Hollow To Open A Gym

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Stars Hollow may have a grocery store, diner, and pancake house that serves only international cuisine, but something that’s always been missing is a gym. Walking around town was enough of a workout for Lorelai and Rory, but Patterson says that in 2024, Stars Hollow has a gym run by Luke’s nephew, Jess. “He opened up a Stars Hollow gym,” Patterson says, adding that Jess is back for good and actually taking on a second job as Luke and Lorelai’s nanny. A spin-off series with Jess as a nanny is now a must.

Rory Is Running The Stars Hollow Gazette

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Rory has also come back to Stars Hollow full time. “Rory’s back, and she’s running the Stars Hollow Gazette,” Patterson says. While she was struggling at the Gazette in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, he says that Rory has been able to bring the local newspaper up to national recognition. “It’s actually getting some national audience share,” Patterson says, and some of the articles she’s writing include topics like Jess’ gym and “old people having kids” — a joke about Luke and Lorelai. Having both Jess and Rory back in town is also great news for all those Team Jess shippers out there.

Babette Has Become A Breakout Star

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Taylor has been town selectman for far too long. In the era of Taylor Swift and Barbie, it’s great to hear that Patterson believes Babette is now the town crier. Not only is she running the Stars Hollow meetings, but he says, “She’s gone on a national comedy tour and has become the biggest star in the world.” Sounds like going to see Babette’s show is as hard as securing Eras Tour tickets.

Sookie Is Taking Over Babette’s Job

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Sookie, played by Melissa McCarthy, was missing from most of A Year in the Life, but Patterson says she’s back in Stars Hollows as well, and she even has a new role. Along with cooking at the Dragonfly Inn, Sookie “has replaced Babette.” For anyone who watched the OG Gilmore Girls, Babette was the one in town who knew everything, along with her BFF Miss Patty. With Babette off being the most famous comedian in the world, according to Patterson, Sookie has stepped up to be Stars Hollow’s go-to gossip queen.

Of course, none of this is actual canon, but Patterson has some solid ideas for another Gilmore Girls reboot or spin-off series. Right now, he’s starring in Sullivan’s Crossing with Chad Michael Murray, who played Tristan in Gilmore Girls. When asked if he’d be down for more of his former Stars Hollow co-stars to make cameo appearances on the CW series, Patterson says he would want “all of them” to guest star — “a Gilmore takeover of Sullivan’s Crossing.

Patterson also admits there is a “big surprise coming” for GG fans. On Jan. 15, he surprised some lucky guests at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in Hollywood, where the Stars Hollow set still stands, and shared on Instagram, “more details coming soon.” Oy with the poodles already — here’s to hoping there is more Gilmore Girls content to come.