You can take a picture in the gazebo from 'Gilmore Girls' on the Stars Hollow set.
I Visited The Gilmore Girls Set For The Holidays & You Can Too

I had lunch at Al’s Pancake World and got coffee from Luke’s Diner.

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Rachel Chapman

Fans traveling to Connecticut to visit the home of Rory and Lorelai Gilmore aren’t able to shop at Doose’s Market or grab coffee at Luke’s Diner IRL. That’s because Stars Hollow is a fictional town created for Gilmore Girls. However, you can visit where Gilmore Girls was filmed at the Warner Bros. Studio in Burbank, California anytime. Right now may be the best time for fans, because for a limited time, Stars Hollow has been recreated on the backlot for fans to see. I visited the Gilmore Girls set for its holiday pop-up, and the immersive experience will make you feel like you’re actually spending the day in Stars Hollow.

Talk about a dream come true. Just for the holidays, the Warner Bros. Studios has incorporated a Holidays Made Here section of their tour that allows you to walk around Stars Hollow. It’s not just empty sets on a backlot that only eagle-eyed fans will be able to recognize, either. The entire Stars Hollow set has been made over so it looks just like it did in Gilmore Girls. That means you can grab Luke’s Diner coffee and browse antiques outside of Kim’s Antiques. You can also shop from Doose’s Market and pick up some essentials from Stars Hollow Books.

Diehard fans will be excited to see the Gilmore Girls Stars Hollow set even has Al’s Pancake World you can eat lunch at. Considering the restaurant known for its international cuisine is never seen on the show, this makes the Gilmore Girls tour at the Warner Bros. Studio a one-of-a-kind experience for fans. The Holidays Made Here experience is part of the regular studio tour that is happening now through Jan. 1, 2023, and tickets are just $69. Along with spotting Gilmore Girls easter eggs around every corner, here is everything you can do in Stars Hollow this season.

Check For The Big Envelopes At Lorelai’s House
Rachel Chapman

The first house you’ll see as you enter the Stars Hollow set is Lorelai’s house on your right. You can grab something to eat here or just snap pictures in front of the home. They even have the Gilmore’s mailbox out front so you can check inside for the big envelopes — aka your Harvard, Yale, and Princeton acceptance letters.

Across from the house is a barn with a sleigh for anyone hoping to snap some festive pics for the ‘Gram. You’ll also notice an Independence Inn sign on the barn, which is an easter egg to the first inn that Lorelai worked at in the series with Sookie and Michel.

Inside Lorelai’s house, they have her costume as well as Rory’s Chilton uniform on display. There’s also a shop in the house where you can buy a jacket that looks just like her sherpa-lined corduroy jacket.

Pick Up A Team Button To Show Your Support
Rachel Chapman

At each one of the stores in Stars Hollow, you can pick up a free button to show whether you’re Team Jess, Team Dean, or Team Logan. I, of course, picked up a Team Jess button to wear proudly around. I also asked most of the staff which buttons were winning, and Jess seemed to be the most popular followed by Logan. Unfortunately, the Dean buttons were not very popular and were overwhelmingly chosen by some Supernatural fans who like Jared Padalecki.

Grab Lorelai’s Favorite Snack And Coffee
Rachel Chapman

You can really live like a Gilmore — aka eat all day — in Stars Hollow. They have tons of lunch options and snack carts throughout the Gilmore Girls set. I stopped to grab some Luke’s Diner coffee and Lorelai’s favorite Pop-Tarts. They also had Twinkies, apple fritters, and Emily Gilmore’s famous apple tart from her annual Christmas party.

Relax At The Dragonfly Inn
Rachel Chapman

While you won’t be able to enjoy Sookie’s zucchini soup, you can take a break and eat your snacks in front of the Dragonfly Inn. They have tables out front where you can relax, or you can pose for some Insta pics on the porch in front of the sign.

Browse Kim’s Antiques Outside
Rachel Chapman

It wouldn’t be a visit to Stars Hollow without browsing Kim’s Antiques for a bit. You can’t go inside the shop, but there are items out on the lawn like in the show. There’s also the sign out front for you to snap a pic with.

Get Lunch At Al’s Pancake World
Rachel Chapman

For the first time ever, you can actually go inside Al’s Pancake World. This week, the menu features pizza, chicken tenders, cheeseburgers, and egg rolls. You know, everything you would expect from a restaurant that has different international cuisine on the menu.

Visit Stars Hollow’s Secret Bar For A Drink
Rachel Chapman

For fans of the reboot, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, the Warner Bros. Studio backlot also has nods to that as well. You can find the secret bar that is featured in the Netflix series right next to the Stars Hollow Gazette, which Rory takes over in the reboot.

Shop For New Clothes In Stars Hollow
Rachel Chapman

You can recreate scenes from Gilmore Girls by walking along the shops in Stars Hollow. You can also stop in either the Stars Hollow Boutique or Stars Hollow Books to buy things like a Chilton uniform or Luke’s Diner mug. They even had a recreation of Lorelai’s pink coat from the OG series and Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life that you could add to your closet.

Take Pics In Front Of Doose’s Market
Rachel Chapman

While you’re shopping in Stars Hollow, you have to stop by the Doose’s Market setup. Outside you’ll find fake produce that you can pose with as if you’re actually shopping for groceries. They even have Doose’s Market tote bags you can use for an Insta photo in front of the store. Unfortunately, you can’t go in to see aisle three, where Rory and Dean share their first kiss.

Spot Some Easter Eggs In The Stores
Rachel Chapman

If you’re someone like me who rewatches the entire series at least once a year, you’ll be able to spot all the easter eggs in Stars Hollow. The big store next to Luke’s Diner has a ton of posters on the walls that will make super fans LOL, like Rory’s Ice Cream Queen poster and a map of Stars Hollow divided by Luke and Lorelai’s sections.

Visit Luke’s Diner With A Cup Of Coffee
Rachel Chapman

Aside from the gazebo, the most iconic location in Stars Hollow is Luke’s Diner. It’s a must to take a picture with while you’re visiting the Gilmore Girls set. However, you might want to order a cup of coffee before with a Luke’s Diner sleeve so you can be holding Luke’s Diner coffee while standing under the Luke’s Diner sign. It just adds to the authenticity.

Stop By Stars Hollow High School
Rachel Chapman

Fans didn’t get to see Rory attend Stars Hollow High School for very long on the show, but it’s where she met Dean and also where Lane Kim touched Rich Bloomenfeld's hair. Stop by the steps of Stars Hollow High during your visit to the Gilmore Girls set. You may also recognize the filming location as Rosewood High School from Pretty Little Liars as well.

Pose With The Bjork Snowman Next To The Gazebo
Rachel Chapman

At the center of Stars Hollow, you’ll find the iconic gazebo where Lorelai and Luke finally said “I do” and Rory revealed to her mom that she is pregnant. You can pose for pictures on the gazebo and right next to it is the snowman contest from Season 2 that features Rory and Lorelai’s Bjork snowman. You’ll definitely want to get a picture with the infamous snowman along with the Stars Hollow sign as well.

Find Friends Filming Locations As Well
Rachel Chapman

Since this is an extra experience added onto the regular Warner Bros. Studio Tour, you’ll get to see filming locations for other shows you know and love too. For the holidays, you can visit the Friends fountain and take a picture on the iconic orange couch. There’s also Phoebe Buffay’s taxi cab right outside Stars Hollow and inside the Friends Central Perk Café, you’ll get to see the Holiday Armadillo costume.

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