11 Easter Eggs Inside Warner Bros. Studio Tour's Friends Boutique And Central Perk Café

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The Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood is back and better than ever. If you’ve been on the tour located in Burbank, California before, it’s a must-do all over again, especially if you consider yourself a Friends fan. In this reimagined experience, guests will get the chance to make a pitstop at Central Perk Café, which features tons of Friends Easter eggs and Insta-worthy moments.

The brand new Friends boutique includes replica sets of Central Perk, Monica and Rachel’s apartment, and Joey and Chandler’s place. While there have been Friends experiences before, this time around, you’ll truly feel like you’re in an episode of the show while enjoying a cup of delicious coffee. You could even sip on “The Chandler” caramel coconut latte while getting cozy on the iconic orange Central Perk couch. Or, order Rachel’s English trifle to eat while sitting in Monica and Rachel’s kitchen or living room.

The new Friends boutique at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour not only allows you to feel like you’re part of the show, or living out the reunion special, but it has tons of Friends Easter eggs hidden throughout for stans to find. You’ll want to spend hours just walking around the cafe looking for little nods to your favorite episodes or characters. These 11 Friends Easter eggs are just a few of the things you should look out for on your next visit.

Phoebe’s Guitar
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You’ll begin your tour at the new Storytelling Showcase. It’s a brief overview of the Warner Bros. Studio’s 100-year history with nods to some of the most popular movies and TV shows filmed on the lot. Near the “Television” wall, you’ll see your first Friends Easter egg: Phoebe’s guitar from the show. This iconic prop helped bring “Smelly Cat” to the world, and you’ll definitely want to see it up close for yourself.

The Friends Soundstage

If you look down to the floor in the Storytelling Showcase, you’ll notice it’s actually just a giant overhead map of the Warner Bros. Studio. At the center is a small-scale version of the iconic water tower, which is a great photo op. Throughout, you’ll also notice there are 3D versions of select soundstages.

Friends was shot on Soundstage 24, and even though it isn’t one of the 3D versions in the room, you can ask your tour guide to point out where it is on the map for an overhead snap. Be sure to ask them to point it out on your tour as well, so you can get a pic of its specialty plaque.

Rachel’s English Trifle

After touring the lot, you’ll arrive at Stage 48: Script to Screen, which is where the Central Perk Café is and where the majority of your Easter egg hunt will be. When you walk through the doors, you’ll see the cafe right away, where you can purchase some Friends character-inspired drinks and one specialty menu item directly from the show: Rachel’s English trifle.

If you remember from Season 6’s “The One Where Ross Got High,” Rachel tries making an English trifle for Thanksgiving, but it goes wrong when she skips a page and adds a layer of beef. Now, you can try that trifle for yourself. Luckily, there is no meat this time, and comes in either a chocolate or vanilla version.

Joey’s Headshot
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Once you’ve ordered your snacks from the cafe, you can enjoy them in any set from Friends you want. If you decide to relax in the Central Perk set, you may notice Joey’s headshot hung on the wall. It’s the same headshot from Season 3’s “The One with All the Jealousy” with Joey’s resume on the back that lies about his dancing abilities.

Monica’s Turkey Head

Make sure you look up to spot some of the best Easter eggs in the Friends boutique. If you do, you’ll get to see the hilarious turkey that Monica put on her head from the Season 5 Thanksgiving episode, aptly titled “The One with All the Thanksgivings.” It even has the yellow sunglasses and fez hat on top.

Phoebe’s Bike

Next to Monica’s turkey head, you’ll see Phoebe’s bike. The pretty pink bike is from Season 7’s “The One with All the Candy,” where Ross tries to teach Phoebe how to ride a bike. It’s super cute and even has the basket at the front.

Phoebe’s Glynnis Portrait
Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood

A real sight to see is Phoebe’s hilarious Glynnis portrait. The 3D painting from Season 10’s “The One with Ross's Grant” really pops in the middle of the store. It seems the Warner Bros. Studio won the fight over who gets to keep Glynnis.

Joey’s Stuffed Penguin, Hugsy

Next to Glynnis, you’ll see Joey’s beloved stuffed animal, Hugsy. The penguin wearing winter attire was Joey’s “bedtime penguin pal” and could be spotted throughout the series in Joey and Chandler’s apartment. All you need to do to spot him for yourself is to look up right when you enter the Friends boutique.

The Cookie Time Clock Cookie Jar

Over in the Monica and Rachel’s apartment set, take a look at all the snacks and dishes on the shelves of their kitchen. At the edge of the counter, you’ll notice the vintage Cookie Time Clock cookie jar that could be seen on the show. Of course, if you watched Friends: The Reunion special on HBO Max, you’ll know it’s not the actual cookie jar prop. That one was stolen from the set by Matthew Perry and gifted to Lisa Kudrow.

Joey and Chandler’s Magna Doodle Pad
Rachel Chapman/Elite Daily

In Joey and Chandler’s apartment set, you can enjoy lunch on their foosball table or while sitting in their recliners. It’s one of the coziest sections, and if you look up on one of the nearby shelves, you’ll see their blue Magna Doodle pad. For fans who have marathon-watched the show a bunch of times, you know the doodle pad is a great place to spot Easter eggs within the show. Now, it’s its own Easter egg for fans to spot IRL.

The Street Sign Outside The Friends Apartment

Super fans know that the exterior to the Friends apartment is located in NYC. It’s on the corner of Bedford and Grove in Greenwich Village, and there’s a nod to that in the Friends boutique. Next to Monica and Rachel’s apartment, you’ll see the NYC street sign that you can take a picture with.

The Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood reopened on June 26, and tickets are available now for future tours ($69). They even have a SoCal Resident discount for $57 you’ll want to take advantage of if you want to go on your very own Friends Easter egg hunt. The Central Perk Café and all-new Friends boutique are only available through the Studio Tour, and tours run on weekends. Starting July 15, the tour will also be available Thursday to Monday as well. WBSTH is currently following all mandated city, state, and federal guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), so make sure to have your mask with you at all times. For more information, visit WBStudioTour.com.

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