8 Lorelai & Luke Quotes From 'Gilmore Girls' That Made You Believe Soulmates Exist

Despite all the other guys in Lorelai Gilmore's life in Gilmore Girls, we all knew it was going to be Luke who won her heart in the end. If you didn't believe in soulmates before, after watching these two flirt for seasons and finally get together, you became a believer. True love does exist, and we're all just looking for our very own Luke or Lorelai to make our happy ending come true. This is certainly someone who enables our coffee obsession, builds us a chuppah, and will bid on our basket just because we asked them to. We always knew they were soulmates with certain Lorelai and Luke quotes from Gilmore Girls.

It was the things these two lovebirds said to each other throughout the show that showed us it was always supposed to be Luke and Lorelai together... forever. They were the first interaction we saw in the very first episode when Lorelai asked Luke for more coffee, and he knew she already had enough, but obliged anyway. That's what a soulmate does, and Gilmore Girls is the real fairy tale we're looking for. Thank you, Amy Sherman-Palladino, for giving us all a glimpse at what soulmates look like with these eight Lorelai and Luke quotes. We're all in.

"I just want you to know I'm in. I am all in." — Luke
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On their first date, Lorelai asked Luke about when they first met. Luke remembered the whole story. He never forgot, and even carried around the horoscope Lorelai gave him for eight years in his wallet. OK, we're swooning and our hearts are seriously melting. Luke, you are perfect, and what took you so long, Lorelai?!

"You made me a Santa burger." — Lorelai
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When Lorelai was fighting with her parents (yet again), and was upset about missing their holiday dinner, she decided to go to Luke's for food. Knowing she's upset, Luke decided to make the burger she ordered into a Santa burger.

Luke, you can try and act like you low-key don't care, but we see you. You never made anyone else a Santa burger.

"There's a guy in there with Rory? Hey, get your hands of her. I mean it, right now." — Luke
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This one's not really a super lovey-dovey quote from Luke, but when Lorelai and Luke discovered Rory and Logan making out, Luke went after Logan like Rory was his own daughter. This quote just shows how much Luke has always been like a dad to Rory. He was there for Rory through everything, and that's exactly what Lorelai needed.

"I don't have many people in my life who are in my life permanently, forever. They will always be there for me, I will always be there for them. You know? There's Rory and Sookie, this town, and you." — Lorelai
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Luke spent all week teasing Lorelai after she went on a date with a younger guy, but we all knew it was only because his heart was breaking from seeing her with everyone but him. Even Sookie knew it to be all too true. So, Lorelai got super real and let Luke know she really cared about him.

"Luke, will you marry me?" — Lorelai
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When Lorelai spontaneously sprang a proposal on Luke in the moment, he didn't even hesitate before saying yes. It's because this is what he always wanted, and quite honestly, it's what we all always wanted as well. It's the only wedding I've ever wanted to attend. It's the only marriage that even matters!

"Is this really happening?" — Luke
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After Luke and Lorelai got engaged, Luke was so happy he was basically pinching himself. He started rambling on about wanting kids, buying the Twickham house, getting rid of the Twickham house, and ended up asking, "Is this really happening?" It did happen, Luke, and we can all live happily knowing that they finally got engaged.

"It's like, it's not even real to me, it's like my life isn't even real to me unless you're there and you're in it and I'm sharing it with you. And, uh... I don't know what I was waiting for and I don't know what I was scared of, but I'm not, I'm not scared and I'm not waiting, I'm here." — Luke
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Even though this is honestly one of the most heartbreaking moments in the entire series (because we knew what Lorelai was about to say to Luke), this was still such a beautifully romantic speech from him. He told Lorelai how much he cared, and how he was an idiot for making her wait. Come on Luke, why didn't you say this sooner?

"I just like to see you happy." — Luke
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We were all so nervous about whether or not these two were going to get back together by the end of the series. Amy Sherman-Palladino really was playing with our heartstrings, but it was finally when Luke confessed that he just wanted to see Lorelai happy that he was really saying, "I love you." And they lived happily ever after.