Some unpopular opinions about 'Schitt's Creek' may cause fans to be upset.

5 Controversial Schitt's Creek Opinions You'll Either Love Or Hate

Is it just me or did the show kinda just... stop being funny?

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There’s no denying the overwhelming popularity of Schitt’s Creek. The riches-to-rags sitcom started off as a hidden gem on Canadian television before blowing up into an international phenomenon thanks to Netflix landing its streaming rights. The series ended after six seasons in early 2020, going out in a shower of Emmys and heaps of internet love. Although it’s no longer on the air, Schitt’s Creek is still popular as ever, but not every fan feels the same way about certain storylines or characters. These unpopular opinions about Schitt’s Creek are sure to stir up some feelings in you, whether you agree with them or not.

While the Rose family wasn’t exactly well received when they arrived in Schitt’s Creek, they became an instant fave for everyone who watched the series. Seeing the ridiculously extravagant family be transplanted to a podunk town was comedy gold, and fans couldn’t get enough of Moira’s over-the-top wigs and David’s melodramatic facial expressions. Throughout the years, the Roses slowly shed their thorns and blossomed thanks to their humble new home, becoming the loving family they never were when living in a mansion. The show is pretty much universally beloved, but that doesn’t mean everyone has the same thoughts on specific aspects of it. For the sole purpose of starting some drama, here are some controversial Schitt’s Creek takes that you’ll either totally agree with or very strongly disagree with.

1. It stopped being funny at the end.

Schitt’s Creek was at its funniest when the Roses were still rude, out-of-touch brats who were unable to hide their confusion at the commoners surrounding them. That’s why the show got progressively less funny as the Roses became more down-to-earth and ingrained in the town. David’s judgemental glances were replaced by sappy smiles. Moira’s condescending insults were tempered into authentic care. Alexis’ valley-girl ditziness transformed into well-rounded savviness. It’s a natural and rewarding transformation for fans, but while satisfying, by the final season, the show was all sap and little comedy.

2. Patrick deserved better than David.


David’s romance with Patrick was widely celebrated by fans, but a lot of times, Patrick just seemed too good to be true. Despite David’s various outbursts and selfish decisions, Patrick would never fail to grin and bear it. In fact, the show never really depicts Patrick at all outside of his relationship to David — he seems to exist for the sole purpose of loving David. Realistically, as a man who had only recently come out, Patrick deserves to explore his sexuality a bit more rather than settle down with a guy he has to constantly take care of.

3. David and Stevie should have ended up together.

David’s true best relationship was with Stevie all along. Although dating didn’t work out for them in the beginning, David and Stevie’s friendship evolved so much as the series progressed, and it became clear they truly saw and understood one another throughout it all. They share a similar outlook, the same sarcastic sense of humor, and have so many inside jokes and shared thought patterns that it seemed like they could almost communicate telepathically. Even if they didn’t end up together romantically (and some say they should), David and Stevie had one of the best love stories on Schitt’s Creek.

4. It was good that Alexis and Ted broke up.


Alexis and Ted’s breakup in Schitt’s Creek’s final season crushed so many fans, with many arguing the two deserved to end up together. But that would have undermined a huge part of Alexis’ evolution. As she has made clear in her various wild stories about her past, Alexis has always had a man in her life. When she moved to Schitt’s Creek, she was quick to rely on her flirtatiousness to get her way, but as she grew into a more confident and kind woman, she began to take relationships more seriously. While Ted was a big part of helping her grow, Alexis’ final step always had to be setting out on her own — loving herself instead of relying on someone else.

5. Arrested Development is better.

The show that immediately comes to mind when describing the premise of Schitt’s Creek is Arrested Development, and depending on what you value in your TV shows, that may not be a favorable comparison for the beloved Canadian series. Arrested Development basically does what Schitt’s Creek does, but makes if funnier and more ridiculous: The family lives in a hollowed-out model home instead of a motel, the side characters are genuinely wacky rather than just nice townsfolk, and the Bluths are truly narcissistic and delusional rather than just amusingly out of touch like the Roses. Sure, Schitt’s Creek is unmatched when it comes to delivering feel-good moments and emotional character growth, but it can’t compete with the comedic greatness of the series that has a similar premise.

All in all, Schitt’s Creek is an amazing show that can have you laughing out loud one moment and happy-crying the next, but what’s the fun in loving a show if you can’t argue with your friends about it, right?

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