Memes from 'Schitt's Creek' keep the magic alive as the series ends after six seasons

These 'Schitt's Creek' Memes Will Keep The Show's Magic Alive


After six incredible seasons of endless laughs, a few tears, and a unique look at love and life, Schitt's Creek has officially come to an end. The last episode of the beloved series aired on April 7, much to fans' dismay. Still, while television's favorite family is leaving the screen, these Schitt's Creek memes will keep the humor of the show alive long past the finale.

From the start, the Rose family, consisting of Johnny (Eugene Levy), Moira (Catherine O'Hara), David (Dan Levy), and Alexis (Annie Murphy), warmed viewers' hearts with their quick wit, lively banter, and heartfelt moments. "The goal was at the end of this show, this family will realize the value of love,” actor, writer, and co-creator David Levy told NOW. “Money can temporarily bandage a lot of things. But they would never be able to buy the kind of closeness that they have by the end of the series.”

Long after the riches-to-rags-to-riches tale comes to a close, the Rose family's iconic quotes and storylines will still forever be "simply the best" for Schitt's Creek fans.

It's hard to say exactly which character was the most meme-able; they're all so delightfully wacky in different ways. There's David Rose, king of fashion, faces, and dramatic reactions. Though his outfits were far from what you'd see every day IRL, his reactions and retorts were the definition of relatable.

Few lines will ever be more iconic than Alexis' "Ew, David." While she had one of the most epic character arcs ever, it's her famous phrase that will forever live past the final credits.

From her hard-to-place made-up accent to her wall of wigs, Moira Rose is one of the most unique characters in possibly all of television history. Every single thing about her was perfectly crafted, and while fans won't be blessed with any more of her big words or unique hairstyles, the amount she gave viewers to work with is an ah-bsolute blessing.

Last but certainly not least, the patriarch of the family, Johnny Rose, was the hilarious bounceboard for so many jokes, storylines, and the show itself.

As fans look for a new show to watch (or simply just restart Schitt's Creek from the beginning on Netflix), there will always be a special place on social media for the beloved Rose family and the townsfolk of Schitt's Creek.