8 Guests Rihanna Could Bring Onstage At The Super Bowl

From JAY-Z to Drake and everyone in between.

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What a time to be a Rihanna stan. Since the bad gal announced she’s performing at the Super Bowl LVII halftime show on Feb. 12, her Navy fanbase has been in a frenzy — as they should. It’s been nearly six years since RiRi stepped away from music to focus on her Fenty empire. Then, like a gust of unexpected wind, she returned to the music scene with two ballads (“Lift Me Up” and “Born Again”) and news of an epic return to the stage.

It’s common for headliners to have cameos in their Super Bowl performance, especially if their discography is primed with legendary collaborations. Rihanna certainly fits that mold as she’s produced hits with artists like JAY-Z, Eminem, and Drake. However, there’s also a chance she could perform solo, similar to The Weeknd’s show in 2021.

In a recent Apple Music press conference, Rihanna revealed her set is 13 minutes long and that she’s gone through “about 39 versions of the setlist.” “That was the hardest, hardest part — deciding how to maximize 13 minutes but also celebrate,” Rihanna said in the Feb. 9 interview. “That’s what this show is gonna be. It’s gonna be a celebration of my catalog in the best way that we could’ve put it together.”

She also said that it was challenging trying to cram all her hits into a short span of time, but she’s confident the setlist will accurately represent her career. Here are 8 stars the Anti singer may share the stage with, ranked by possibility.

Kanye West

Rihanna has plenty of memorable collaborations, including her bops with Kanye West. As a reminder, they’ve released singles “FourFiveSeconds” featuring Paul McMcCartney and “All Of The Lights” with Kid Cudi. Just the thought of RiRi singing her infectious hook from “All Of The Lights” as those horns and strobe-lights blare in the distance gives me chills. However, considering Kanye’s latest anti-Semitic comments, there’s a chance he might not make a cameo.

Britney Spears

The idea of Britney Spears performing with Rihanna seems unlikely, but that’s not stopping fans from wishing it to come true. In 2010, the duo collaborated on a flirty remix of Rihanna’s hit, “S&M,” and performed it at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards. Spears is no stranger to the ever-evolving Super Bowl stage, as she performed during Aerosmith and *NYSNC’s halftime show in 2001. However, it’s been five years since the Blackout singer has been onstage, so she would probably stage her potential comeback in a different way. Cameo or not, one thing’s for certain: It’s a crime she hasn’t headlined her own halftime show.

DJ Khaled

If Rihanna shows her 2017 single “Wild Thoughts” some love, she might bring out DJ Khaled and Bryson Tiller to help round out the performance. The trio previously performed the Santana-sampled hit at the 2018 Grammys, so here’s hoping they’ll reunite sooner rather than later.

Calvin Harris

It’s no secret that Calvin Harris and Rihanna have created magic together. The pair had the nightlife scene on lock with their 2011 hits “We Found Love” and “Where Have You Been,” and he’s continued to release softer EDM bangers since then. Even if Harris and his turntables fail to make a cameo, Rihanna could still perform these two bops solo.


Rihanna and Drake performing together has the same level of uncertainty that a Britney Spears cameo has. The two have collaborated five times throughout their career, shelling out dancehall earworms (“Work”) and timeless pop hits (“What’s My Name,” and “Take Care.”)

However, their friendship seemingly took a nosedive over the years, as Rihanna told Vogue in 2018 that she and Drake were no longer friends. Then, Drake allegedly unfollowed RiRi after her pregnancy reveal in February 2022, though reports claim he unfollowed the singer shortly after the Vogue interview. Yeah, their situation is a bit messy, so she might perform some of their bangers solo.

A$AP Rocky

A power couple moment during a halftime show? Sign me up, please. Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s relationship originally began with music, as the two collaborated on her 2012 Unapologetic album (“Cockiness (Remix)”) and toured together that following year. Also, who can forget when RiRi starred as the leading lady in his “Fashion Killa” music video?

The duo can definitely perform “Cockiness,” even if the lyrics might have too much BDE energy for the halftime stage. She could also tease his appearance by playing his 2022 single “D.M.B.” (aka, Rocky’s love-drunk ode to Rihanna). As a topper, she could give “D.M.B.” the Parris Goebel treatment by powerfully dancing to a remixed version of it — similar to what she did for “Woo” at the 2019 Savage Fenty Show — before Rocky comes out to actually perform the song.


Not to be dramatic, but the chokehold Rihanna and Eminem had on the music scene between 2010 and 2013 should be studied. During those years, the two artists collaborated four times (“The Monster,” “Love The Way You Lie” including part two, and “Numb”) and also went on tour together in 2014. Sure, Eminem already graced the Super Bowl stage last February, but it would be iconic for him to return.


Another likely candidate is Jay-Z. Rihanna will almost certainly perform their 2007 collab “Umbrella” at the show, but she doesn’t necessarily need to bring him out. Her verses alone in the early-aughts bop are iconic enough for her to perform solo, but it would be a dream if he hit the stage. Their collaborative chemistry doesn’t stop at “Umbrella,” as they also released “Talk That Talk,” “Run This Town,” and “Stranded (Haiti Mon Amour)” over the years. Interestingly, RiRi’s verse from “Run This Town” can be heard throughout her latest commercial promoting her halftime show. Coincidence, maybe?

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