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An explanation of the lyrics behind Rihanna's new "Born Again" song

Rihanna Got Real About Grief In Her New Black Panther Song

“Wherever you are, I'll bе there.”

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Rihanna’s sonic reign continues. On Nov. 11, the singer released another comeback ballad, “Born Again.” This resilient track is Rihanna’s second contribution to the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever soundtrack, with her first being “Lift Me Up.” This release is not only a new stunning banger to add to her music catalogue, but most importantly, it’s a touching ode to Chadwick Boseman. Let’s dive into the lyrics.

Alongside Rihanna, “Born Again” was co-written by James Fauntleroy, Ludwig Göransson, and The Dream. Within seconds of the track, Rihanna’s layered vocals pierce through the piano solo. There, she warmly croons how she would sacrifice her “heart” and “soul” for what comforts her the most.

“I’d give my heart to this place / I’d give my soul or whatever it takes, never run away / I’ve got enough angels to storm the gates, I’m not afraid / And behold the brave, not have it no other away,” Rihanna sings.

This powerful opener could also reflect T’Challa’s deep connection to Wakanda. His devotion and love for the mythical nation glimmers throughout the Black Panther franchise, including his memorable “Wakanda Forever” chant. Rihanna doubles — triples, even — down on that unwavering loyalty in the chorus, which sees her briefly retire her low vocals for some high notes.

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Solemnly, she reassures the messenger that even death couldn’t rip her away from them. She would give her last and, when reborn, first breath to this place or her chosen loved one.

“So until those rivers run out / It runs through me / Wherever you are, I'll bе there / We carry on / Born again,” she coos.

Her tone switch is soft, almost angelic as the orchestral arrangement gradually swells to the bridge. Those dramatic synth lines absolutely come alive, almost as if this is the beginning of Rihanna’s rebirth. Here, she begins to reverently plead on what else can she do to prove her loyalty, because she would do whatever it takes to stay near. She hauntingly begs,

“Just tell me what I need to do / I’d die and come back just to love you / Just tell me, I'm begging you / Just tell me what I need to do, oh.”

Her raspy vocals then ripples into primal chants of oh’s and oooh’s, which carry to the climatic outro. Listen to “Born Again” below, and check out the full lyrics via Genius.

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