Britney Spears celebrated the chart-topping release of "Hold Me Closer" with an Elton John shoutout.

Britney Finally Released Her Comeback Single And She's Celebrating With Iconic Videos

Brit's back, baby!

Gabe Ginsberg/FilmMagic/Getty Images

The Princess of Pop is back! Britney Spears released her first new song since the end of her 13-year conservatorship on Aug. 26, and it’s the perfect return to the dance floor. The collab with Elton John, called “Hold Me Closer,” has a fun electro-pop vibe that already has fans excited about the pop-star’s return to music after six years away. Although Spears had been teasing the track on Instagram in the days leading up to its release, Spears surprised everyone by deleting her Instagram entirely ahead of the drop. But she hasn’t gone totally ghost — after a hiatus since January, Spears returned to Twitter to celebrate the success of her new music, and Britney Spears’ tweets about “Hold Me Closer” show just how excited she is to be making music again.

After “Hold Me Closer” dropped on Aug. 26, Spears jumped on Twitter to share a silly, exuberant video celebrating the collab’s success. In the video, Spears revived her iconic British accent to shout out her collaborator Elton John, who helped kickstart Spears’ return to the top of the charts. “Hello, Sir Elton John we are, like, number 1 in 40 countries — Holy sh*t!,” she excitedly shouted from her bathtub. “I'm in the tub right now and I'm about to go have the best day ever, and I hope you're well!” Spears signed off with a cheeky wink that proved she’s truly on top of the world now that she’s back in pop-star form.

Elton John reacted to the video by retweeting it with a sweet message. “Hey Britney!! Thank you for this message. You’ve made my day!! Hope everyone has the best day dancing to our song!” The tweet was followed with #HoldMeCloser, which even has its own unique icon of a rocket ship attached to the tag. “Hold Me Closer” is a new hit made up of Elton John’s old hits: elements of “Tiny Dancer”, “The One,” and “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” all add a unique flair to the overall sound, with “Tiny Dancer” obviously being the main component, given that the song’s title clearly alludes to the iconic chorus.

Since deleting her Instagram, Spears has blessed our Twitter feeds with her iconic videos that feel like a celebration of freedom. Shortly after her shoutout to Elton John, she posted a video showing off her bikini-bod and worked the camera, serving looks from all angles as she celebrated the “best day ever”. If “Hold Me Closer” is our first taste of Brit’s new music, I can only imagine that what she’s working on in the studio next is going to be the Best. Music. Ever.