Leslie Knope From 'Parks And Recreation' Predicted AHCA 5 Years Ago


With countless Americans upset over the devastating news of the Senate repealing the Affordable Care Act and replacing it with the American Health Care Act, TV fans can always turn to the one true voice of political reason: Leslie Knope.

It turns out, the dedicated Pawnee politician actually fought against the AHCA five years ago!

"Parks And Recreation" creator Mike Schur (who goes by Ken Tremendous on Twitter) tweeted out a photo of a scene from a 2012 episode in which Leslie is decrying the ridiculous pre-existing conditions in her healthcare plan.


Of course, this scene is eerily prescient of the seemingly endless list of pre-existing conditions the newly passed AHCA won't cover. Though "having a wrist" is still not on the AHCA's list (yet), the new healthcare act would refuse paid coverage for things like sexual abuse, eating disorders, mental health issues and even hormones for transgender men and women.

If only Leslie Knope could come out of the TV and help us now...

Strangely enough, this isn't even the first time "Parks And Rec" has made an uncanny prediction years ahead of time.

Last year, we first learned about this show's psychic powers when the Cubs won the World Series... a year after "Parks And Rec" included a scene set in 2017  in which the Cubs became MLB champs.

And let's not forget that "Parks And Recreation" sister show "30 Rock" also made a major political prediction by having the arrogant, ethnocentric Jack Donaghy hold the highest position of power in the series. Tina Fey herself noted Trump's whole campaign was based on Jack Donaghy's character.

The fact that Alec Baldwin played Jack and now impersonates Trump on "Saturday Night Live" is icing on the horrible cake.

There must have been some magic, future-predicting energy going around those NBC writers' rooms a few years back. I really wish their predictions didn't come true, though...