Tina Fey On Trump: 'His Candidacy Is Based On Jack Donaghy's Candidacy'

by Stephanie Ironson

At this point, the similarities between Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and "30 Rock" character Jack Donaghy are downright eery.

One is a caricature of what a successful leader should be, someone full of nonsensical ideas, ramblings and dictator-esque qualities who leaves the television world of NBC in an aggressive attempt to enter the political Republican sphere.

The other is Donald Trump.

This weekend, at a panel of the beyond talented writers of Netflix's "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" in New York City, creator and personal hero Tina Fey responded to a fan question asking,

What would Kimmy think of a Trump/Pence presidency?

Kimmy Schmidt, a woman who was kept in a bunker by a crazed reverend for 15 years before being rescued, has the optimism of a naive cartoon princess. Her views on political and social issues are that of an upbeat tween.

Tina Fey started her response by saying,

I think she would think Pence was a little reverend-y... She'd know Trump from a '90s Pizza Hut commercial.

While the crowd laughed, Fey added,

Of course, Trump's candidacy is based on Jack Donaghy's candidacy: Build a wall and make America great.

As fans have come to know, and consequently feel ill about, this is no exaggeration.

In episode 15 of season two, which aired in 2008, Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) decides to leave his job at NBC to pursue a career in politics. He says to a room of Republicans,

We have a chance to make this country great again.

Additionally, he has Tracy Morgan's character, Tracy Jordan, endorse the Republican party as a "cool celebrity." Tracy does so by suggesting the following:

To summarize: The innovation behind Trump's wall proposal comes from a character played by Tracy Morgan.

While my candidacy for 9th-grade class president was loosely based on Lizzie Mcguire's campaign skills, there's a reason I didn't win.

I'd like to conclude with, "You can't make this shit up!" but you CAN make this shit up. Tina Fey made this shit up. And Trump turned it into a campaign platform.