'Parks And Rec' Predicted The Cubs World Series Win

You can officially add Mike Schur, showrunner of "Parks and Recreation," to the growing list of people who predicted the 2016 World Series correctly.

If you, like me, obsessively rewatch this perfect show on the regular, you probably remember the episode in the final season where Tom and Andy go visit Tom's ex, Lucy, in Chicago.

And if, unlike me, you don't obsessively rewatch this perfect show on the regular, allow me to remind you the seventh and final season of the show takes place three years after season six, in 2017.

So, with that in mind, look at this line of dialogue from Lucy from the episode "Ron & Jammy," which aired in January of 2015.

Trevor Umbinetti on YouTube

Lucy said,

Obviously everyone's in a really great mood now, because of the Cubs winning the series.

(Natalie Morales, by the way, who tweeted out that photo, is the actress who played Lucy.)

Now, based on the characters' outfits, it looks like it's spring or summer in 2017, which means yes, Lucy is referring to the Cubs winning the 2016 World Series.

In an interview with The Washington Post last week, executive producer and show creator Mike Schur said the line was a very intentional prediction.

He said,

As soon as we decided to throw the last season of 'Parks and Rec' into the future, into 2017, we sort of started calculating what the world might be like. We talked about... aspects of America that we could sort of casually mention that we thought would be funny. I was the only person on the staff who cared about baseball enough to track the Cubs' minor league system.

However, Schur said he really doesn't deserve any credit for what he feels is a pretty obvious call.

He said,

It's not like I was only person who thought the Cubs were going to be good. Every baseball writer in America knew the Cubs were going to be good. I can't emphasize enough how little credit I feel like I should take for that prediction. It's a little like, if we had predicted that Hillary Clinton was the president in 2017, there would probably be people asking me about that now. Saying Hillary Clinton was running for president in 2014 or 2013... that would've also been a pretty easy call to make based on the information that we had at the time. We're not like wizards.

Fine, you're right Mike Schur.

But just let us "Parks" fans embrace our inner Andys and marvel over your wizardry, for a day, OK?


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