Olivia Rodrigo goes glam in "good 4 u" music video, leading to viral TikTok challenge.
TikTokers Are Going Glam For Olivia Rodrigo's "Good 4 U" Challenge

God, I wish that I could do that.

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Olivia Rodrigo continues to deliver bop after bop and, as a result, TikTok challenge after TikTok challenge. Her third single, “good 4 u,” from her upcoming debut album, Sour, is no different. The pop-punk banger dropped on Friday, May 14, along with an amazing new music video, and TikTokers were quick to make the song go viral on the video-sharing app. With Olivia Rodrigo's "good 4 u" TikTok challenge, you can partake in the angsty fun for yourself by getting glammed up at home.

Not unlike the “drivers license” and “deja vu” challenges before it, there are actually a few variations of the “good 4 u” TikTok trend — but this time, they all include a rocking transition. If you’ve spent some time scrolling through your “For You” page, you’re sure to have seen a few TikTok transitions here and there. It’s all about using the different effects and recording techniques to get a fun reveal in your video. If you’re a makeup guru who loves doing different lewks, you might want to try one of the “good 4 u” glam challenges. There’s also one version that uses the new “Vintage Camcorder” effect that has real throwback vibes and is full of nostalgia.

If you can’t decide on just one, you could always try every iteration of the “good 4 u” TikTok challenge. No need to think, “God, I wish that I could do that,” because here are seven videos from other TikTokers to inspire you.

The Retro Camcorder Transition

Listening to “good 4 u” probably took you back to the early 2000s when you used to scream-sing Demi Lovato or Taylor Swift songs in your bedroom. It has all those nostalgic vibes, so why not go for the retro camcorder transition? Even TikToker @isnamycnad knows how the song and the “Vintage Camcorder” effect go “so so well together.” All you need to do to recreate this trend is record yourself singing along to the bridge of the song, and right before it goes into the chorus, stop recording. Add on the effect and start recording again while dancing around in your room.

The Glam Head Turn

The next time you’re about to put on a glam face, stop what you’re doing and try this “good 4 u” transition. Follow TikToker @yodelinghaley’s lead and record yourself singing without any makeup on. Before the line, “Like a damn sociopath,” turn your head and stop recording. Hold up the phone at a new angle, and turn your head to look straight into camera as you sing that line before turning back.

It’ll create this cool transition, but the best part will be when you turn back to the front. Apply your makeup lewk, and record yourself singing the rest of the song in full glam. If you really want to stun your followers, get a fan going to blow through your hair back and shed a tear for a real dramatic performance like @yodelinghaley.

The Ring Light Spin

Got a ring light? You’re one step closer to recreating this super cool transition from TikToker @sarahkarpowich. Record yourself without makeup on in your loungewear singing while holding your ring light to your face. Right before the song goes into the chorus, spin your ring light around and stop recording. Put on a fierce outfit and some makeup for the next shot.

When you’re ready, start the timer with your ring light facing the camera. When the recording starts, spin it back around to face you as you sing the rest of the song. When it’s cut all together, it’ll look like you’re just spinning your ring light around once.

The Easy Ring Light Transition

Getting the ring light spin just right can be difficult. If you’re not ready for those kinds of TikTok tricks, you can always do this simple ring light transition from TikToker @uhlayseeuh. By bending over at the end of one clip and getting back up at the beginning of the next, it looks like one seamless move.

The Music Video Ring Light

Another ring light trend you can do is this fun transition from TikToker @sydney_art. It’s very similar to when Olivia Rodrigo sings with her ring light in the “good 4 u” music video. This also works best when you have some outfits inspired by Rodrigo’s ‘fits in the video. Start wearing one outfit and singing into your ring light, but have the recording stop right before the chorus. Before you start recording again, switch outfits and turn on some fun TikTok lights for a dramatic change.

The Curtain Transition

If you want to be unique, get creative with the items in your room like TikToker @thisisntfreyastiktok did. By using a curtain rail, @thisisntfreyastiktok was able to raise and lower the phone during recording. It creates a cool transition effect if you cut your recording at the right time using the recording limit tool under “Timer.”

The Head Transition

An editing trick that’s been used a lot lately on TikTok is the head transition. By moving your camera to the top of your head as you stop recording, it creates this smooth cut to black that makes editing between two clips easier. TikToker @jordybaybe demonstrates this perfectly going from no makeup to “good 4 u” glam.

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