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These Are The 7 Best Lights To Brighten Up Your Entire TikTok Experience

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It's become a daily routine to scroll through your TikTok "For You" page. As you watch different dance videos and makeup tutorials, you can tell when someone's put a lot of work into their videos. The quality usually depends on whether someone is using the best TikTok lights available. If you've started to post or plan on posting your own videos, it may be time to invest in a few LED lights for yourself.

Depending on what kind of video you want to make can also change what lights will work best. Mobility is key if you're looking to light up your dance videos in the living room with your roomies. However, if you're trying to have your makeup lewks pop, you'll need some cool color-changing LEDs. Newcomers will be surprised to know that it's more than just getting a ring light and some strip LEDs for your room. If you really want to take your TikTok experience to a whole new level, you'll want to check out some of the best TikTok lights available online. Not only can you create special effects and enhance the quality of your videos, but you'll upgrade your space in a fun and colorful way.

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Best Light For Makeup Tutorials

Lighting is essential for makeup videos. You really want to make sure your hard work can be clearly seen. Go with a ring light that has a stand that can sit on your vanity and hold your phone. The Cyezcor Selfie Rainbow Ring Light is a great choice, because it not only has an adjustable stand, but a whole rainbow of colors to choose from as well.

Use different colored lights to create different makeup effects like TikToker @breemakeup. You'll notice that using red and blue makeup, and switching back and forth between a red and blue light, will create a cool color-changing effect. According to one review, you can also "adjust the color intensity and brightness" on the ring light depending on how vibrant you want it to be.

Best LED Strip Lights To Set The Mood

Mood lighting is also important for your TikToks. You want to set the stage, and having the right colors in your background can help with that. Instead of having LED rope lights that are visible, get yourself some LED strip lights. Govee actually has some of the most highly rated LED strip lights on Amazon.

These smart lights can be voice controlled by both your Alexa and Google Assistant, so you don't even have to click any buttons when you're in the middle of recording a TikTok. Since they're strips, you can also hide them in your room, so it just provides colorful ambient light.

Best Projector Lights For Cool Effects

Instead of just colors, sometimes you want to add a little extra to your lighting setup. If that's the case, get yourself a projector. This will also save you the time of having to set up LEDs all over your room, because one simple projector can easily light up your walls and ceiling all in one.

AOELLIT's Galaxy Light Projector has different galaxy settings to create an out-of-this-world look in your TikToks. It also has a sound-activated mode that can sync up the lights to whatever song you're dancing to. This projector also has over a thousand ratings on Amazon with a 4.5 out of 5 score.

Best Ring Light Stands For Dance Videos

When it comes to dancing TikToks, you need a ring light stand. Having a tripod there that can hold your phone up is key, and you want to make sure you have a good light attached as well. The Neewer Ring Light Kit on Amazon has some of the highest ratings with over 39 thousand reviews, so you know it's a good one to get.

This is actually a perfect starter kit, because it includes everything you need like the ring light, stand, and color tube filters. One reviewer even said, "There are literally no downfalls to this product," so you'll be in good hands.

Best Fairy String Lights For A Total Room Upgrade

While the LED strip lights can be hidden in your room, you may want your lights to be visible. That's when you'll want to get some string lights. This can not only light up your TikTok videos, but be cute decor, like a fairy light flower wall, when you're just chilling in your space.

Get some fairy lights to hang on your walls like these Minetom Color Changing Fairy String Lights. They come with a remote that you can use to change the colors, and one reviewer said that you can even use it to change the effect from "strobe to smooth," depending on your TikTok needs.

Best Lights For Your Food TikToks

For recipe videos on TikTok, you need some powerful lights that'll really make your dishes pop. Only a well-lit baked feta pasta and "nature's cereal" will do for you. These table top lights from Emart are not only portable for moving around in the kitchen, but they're powerful with adjustable brightness, depending on your lighting needs.

This is also a complete lighting kit with gel filters as well. Use the blue gels to create a more cool tone, or the orange ones for a warmer look. This pack also comes with two lights, so you can do a whole lighting setup from different angles, depending on how fancy and professional looking you want your shot to be.

Best Lights For On-The-Go TikToks

Planning on making some TikTok vlogs of your day-to-day? You'll need a good portable light for your phone. This clip-on ring light from Hongdayi is perfect just for this. It can be easily stored away in your bag with its compact size and added to your phone whenever you need it.

It's also super budget-friendly and under $20, so you're not overspending on lights. Save that money for your adventures instead. It also has three light settings for whatever your needs are, and one review says that the "battery life lasts a long time," which is perfect because you never know when you'll need to get a good shot.

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