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Nicki Minaj recently flaunted her Swiftie stan card.

Nicki Minaj Says She’d Collab With Taylor Swift “In A Heart Beat”

The stars could be aligning.

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Taylor Swift has been on a endless rollercoaster of wins this year. And with every loop, celebrities such as Beyoncé and Kelly Clarkson have embraced her with praises. Nicki Minaj is the latest star to give Swift her flowers; however, this recognition is a bit more layered. Some fans believe the duo have a collaboration in the works, and Minaj’s latest cheers of support have strengthened that theory. Let’s investigate.

On Dec. 20, Minaj congratulated Swift and her career trajectory. “The SAG QUEEN TAYLOR DESERVES!!!! PERIOD!!!!!” she wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter. “She takes months & years off then comes back with great music & fans who’ll never leave her!!!!”

The rapper continued, referencing both her and Swift’s recent success in vinyl sales. Earlier this month, five of Swift’s albums — including her latest 1989 and Speak Now re-recordings — dominated Billboard’s Vinyl Albums chart. The singer occupied all five slots until Dec. 20, when Minaj’s newest album, Pink Friday 2, reportedly debuted at No. 2 on the same chart.

With both artists glowing in their wins, one fan asked Minaj if she’d “ever collaborate” with the Swift. “In a heart beat,” the emcee wrote, later tagging Swift’s label and asking for this moment to happen.

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Minaj’s eagerness to create a duet with Swift had fans’ ears perked. One fan noted their collaboration could be named “SAG QUEEN,” as they’re both Sagittarius sun signs. (Ahem, Swift also crowned the rapper as her “favorite Sagittarius” at the MTV Video Music Awards in September).

While this name is a genius nod to their shared astrological sign, it also feeds into another speculation Swifties have about the singer’s next album. While Swift hasn’t dropped any hints that she’s in recording mode, fans believe her forthcoming era will be an ode to her Sag traits, potentially even being named Sagittarius. This theory originally began on Dec. 14, when Swift was spotted wearing a gold clutch inspired by her sign.

Between this celestial theory and Minaj’s interest in collaborating with Swift, it certainly seems the stars are aligning for this dream duo.