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Wait, Will Taylor Swift Add More Songs To Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)?

Fans seem to think so.

Taylor Hill/TAS23/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After months of teasing, Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) is finally here. On July 7, Taylor Swift dropped her new version of the 2010 album, and Swifties — especially those who treasure the album’s era — have been in a lavender haze reliving all its nostalgic highs. Even Drake jokingly tipped his hat to the album with one of Swift’s many doppelgängers. This new version includes retouches of the original tracklist and six new vault songs, which features collaborations with Fall Out Boy and Paramore. Talk about a lush nod to the emo renaissance. While 22 tracks sounds plentiful, some Swifties believe the singer will surprise-add more songs to the album. Let’s dig into this theory.

On July 7, TikTok user Jennifer (@jennifer.swift8) theorized Swift will include two more songs on Speak Now. As seen in her video, she alleged her friend’s phone glitched while listening to the re-release on what appears to be Spotify. After the malfunction, two songs titled “Let’s Go (Battle)” and “Drama Queen” appeared in gray at the end of the tracklist. The unsuspecting tunes also bore the “Taylor’s Version” tag, so it’s safe to assume they belong on the newly-recorded album.

This speculation sent fans into a frenzy, as both these tracks are unreleased. In the comments section of Jennifer’s post, several Swifties revealed they ran into a similar glitch while streaming Speak Now. On Twitter, a user posted a photo of the two songs loading on his Spotify. However, his version of “Let’s Go (Battle)” isn’t listed to appear on Speak Now, but rather labeled as “unreleased.”

That’s not all, though. In the comments section of the TikTok, a fan named Carly upped the ante and introduced another theory about the two tracks. She alleged that once Speak Now became available on Apple Music, her sister noted the release date changed to July 9. Jennifer replied to her comment, and hinted the two unreleased songs might become available on that date. This speculation derives from a line on Swift’s Speak Now track “Last Kiss,” where she cooed: “Fresh on the pavement, I ran off the plane / That July 9th, the beat of your heart.”

The singer also winked at the date in her announcement of Speak Now’s re-release, stating it’ll be “just in time for July 9th.” Um, what does she know that the fans don’t?

If this theory is true, this would be a sonic win for those who want these unreleased gems to have their shining moment. Genius reports “Drama Queen” began circulating online in June 2009, nearly a year before the original Speak Now dropped in 2010. With that timeline, fans believe the song was slated to appear on the album, but was axed for unknown reasons. Swift reportedly wrote “Drama Queen” — a plucky number about her partner leaving her for a new woman — with Martin Johnson, who also co-produced “If This Was a Movie” from her 2008 Fearless album.

“Let’s Go (Battle)” bares a similar upbringing, where fans reportedly became aware of the track around Speak Now’s original release. This time, instead of folk-like guitars, Swift relied on wistful piano chords to channel her heartbreak over a failed relationship. The singer hasn’t confirmed if additional songs will appear on Speak Now; however, her fans might be onto something with this theory.