Meghann Fany's quotes about Daphne and Ethan's 'White Lotus' hookup explain things.

Meghann Fahy Doesn’t Think Daphne Hooked Up With Ethan For Revenge

“I really don’t think that she led him there to get back at Cameron or Harper.”


Only two people know what went down on that deserted island in The White Lotus Season 2 finale, and now one of them is shedding some light on the mystery. Meghann Fahy confirmed her character Daphne did indeed hook up with Ethan during their final moments in Sicily, and digging even deeper, she also opened up about the surprising reason why she did it. Don’t spend any longer wondering what Daphne and Ethan did in The White Lotus Season 2 finale, because Fahy’s got all the answers.

Although the White Lotus finale didn’t show what happened after Daphne coaxed Ethan into following her onto a nearby island, it was pretty heavily implied that the two had sex after finding out their respective partners had both cheated on them. Fahy confirmed the hookup during her Dec. 13 interview with Variety. “I definitely think something happened,” Fahy said. “I don’t know that I can say exactly what happened, but I think definitely something sexual for sure.”

Naturally, many White Lotus fans assumed the hookup was a form of revenge for both Daphne and Ethan, a way for them to get back at their cheating partners. But Fahy didn’t view it that way. She saw Daphne’s motivation more as helping Ethan rather than hurting Cameron or Harper. “Honestly, in that moment, I think Daphne just saw this broken man and wanted to do something to make him feel more empowered in her own strange way,” Fahy said. “I really don’t think that she led him there to get back at Cameron or Harper.”


Fahy went on to explain why Daphne wouldn’t be too affected by Cameron cheating on her yet again — she has her own arrangement with her trainer, after all — but pointed out that she may have been motivated by Harper betraying her friendship. “I think she’s been through this with Cameron who knows how many times, but I think she really thought that Harper was maybe her friend, or wanted her to be,” Fahy said. “She has that vulnerable moment in Episode 3 where they’re in Noto, and she talks about how she has a hard time keeping female friends and stuff. So, I do think that was part of the experience of it.”

Hopefully, Daphne will return in The White Lotus Season 3did somebody say Maldives? — and fans can dive even deeper into her dysfunctionally functional relationship with Cameron.