'The White Lotus'
These tweets and memes about Daphne's revenge cheating on 'The White Lotus' are hilarious.

Twitter Low-Key Loves Daphne's Revenge Cheating On Cameron

The ultimate anti-hero.


A revenge dress — or revenge sojourn to a private island — is always a hot topic, at least according to Twitter. In The White Lotus Season 2, there were quite a few hints about Daphne’s revenge cheating, whether it was a photo of her children (who just happened look a lot like her personal trainer) or her “walk” with Ethan, immediately following him sharing his suspicions that Cameron and Harper hooked up.

The show never confirmed Daphne’s infidelity. Even Will Sharpe, the actor who played Ethan, seemed unsure, telling Vulture that the island walk in Episode 7 was “open to interpretation.” Despite the rather expansive gray area, Twitter is convinced that Daphne is a revenge cheating icon — and they like her even more for it.

In the season finale, when Ethan raised his concerns about Harper and Cameron, Daphne initially seemed unbothered. “I don’t think you have anything to worry about,” she told Ethan. “You don’t have to know everything to love someone... I think you just... You just do whatever you have to do not to feel like a victim of life, you know? You just use your imagination,” she said, before inviting him to take a walk with her.

Though the audience didn’t see what happened once they were alone, it certainly seemed like a revenge affair was Daphne’s way of avoiding victimhood. Earlier in the show, when Harper asked Daphne if Cameron had ever cheated, she responded, “Maybe just once. That I know about,” before adding, “I’m not a victim.” Later, in Episode 5, she shared a photo of her kids — ones who looked remarkably like her trainer — with Harper. “Maybe you should get a trainer,” she told her.

Instantly, Twitter started celebrating Daphne’s mastermind-level quest for revenge. Here are some of the best memes and tweets.

Cheating on your spouse may not be the healthiest power play, but The White Lotus loves exploring morally ambiguous areas — especially when it comes to complicated relationship dynamics. No matter where you stand on ethical non-monogamy (which relies heavily on open communication and boundaries, by the way), there’s no questioning that Daphne’s nontraditional approach to relationships made for one memorable plot and iconic character.